Notable Ramblings

Here’s a list of informative posts that can be found on this blog. Anything from guides or comparisons between different game aspects to reviews and generally educational posts.

Warhammer Online:

A series of comparison posts on MDPS careers:
White Lion


6vs6 for dummies – A 6v6 guide.

Freelance: Slayer – An informational post on solo roaming with a Slayer.

Preliminary checks – A post trying to educate players on how to pinpoint performance problems in MMOs in general. Also serves as an appendix to Improving WAR’s performance.

Improving WAR’s performance – A post examining and highlighting tweaks that help with client performance in WAR.


The Witcher

Mortal Online

Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Acutely Mortal – Taking advantage of the Mortal Online trial and seeing what the MMO has to offer.

Corpse Camping the Dragon – Attempt at playing through Dragon Age 2 while roleplaying an asshole. And whining incessantly about how much better DA:O was.

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