EVO Weekend


This weekend is EVO weekend! Rejoice, for probably the biggest fighting games event in the history of mankind is going down this weekend right before your mortal eyes! You can watch it here (I think).

Here’s something to help you get HYPE:

(And yes, I know that wasn’t EVO).



Weekend Music Madness has taken a break this Friday, for unknown reasons (friends say it’s pretending to be ill in order to play WH 40k: Space Marine), but instead I bring you something else.

A cute, if slightly creepy and unnerving flash game called Hollow. It’s about headbutting things that want to eat you and falling into holes as a result of not seeing anything. It’s also incredibly atmospheric. Go play. (via RPS.)

As for WMM, we are going to have a serious talk once it comes in for work tomorrow. Rest assured that this transgression will not go unpunished.

The quiet before the storm


The lack of posts on my blog can be attributed to me not playing much except for LoL due to my broken monitor and the fact that there’s nothing going on that would catch my attention and compel me to write about it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting senile, dumb and deaf, but I honestly think these qualities can’t have progressed much further than they already were a few weeks ago.

I have a few games I’ve been wanting to play, which I’ll be getting into (and hopefully blogging about) as soon as I get my monitor sorted.

I also owe an apology to the people in my blogroll, as I haven’t been trolling and reading their posts like I usually do, which I’ll have to remedy soon. Otherwise there isn’t much point in having a blogroll or even blogging in the first place.

As for WMM; shut up.

Regarding announcements about WAR


Before starting up any kind of shitstorm on the subject of information the bloggers brought back from Mythic’s offices, please do remember Mythic clearly stated that whatever little bits of information we got is not the whole deal. They’ll be making a big announcement later this month, to which bloggers are privy but can’t talk about. So just sit tight and be patient. You’ve waited for a long time now, what’s one more month?

I’ll doubtlessly be making a post about these shenanigans once Mythic give us the full breadth of information. But no whining till then, since that would be unprofessional (look who’s talking, hurhur).

New theme


I’ve been meaning to change the theme for a while now and when this one came out I jumped on it, because it looks slick and seems to have a lot of nifty features. Like this aside post. This is just the first attempt at molding the theme into something appealing, but I’d still ask you to take a few seconds on voting whether you think I should keep this theme or go back to the old one (both have their merits). The poll is somewhere to the right.

Thank you.