Criss-, Cross- and Serpetine-realming

One of the biggest issues the Return of Reckoning project has been facing is reconciling with the fact that the majority of the population prefer playing on the winning side. In an open world PvP game with two – seldom evenly matched – fighting realms this mindset manifests itself in people logging off their characters on the losing side to participate in victories (and pertaining rewards) of the winning side. The fact that this behaviour is harmful to the stability of the server has been recognised from the very beginning by both devs and players and soon measures to prevent this from happening will be added to the game.

I seem to have misplaced my Photoshop skillz...

I seem to have misplaced my Photoshop skillz…

How and why? Join me in finding out.

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Addressing the power gap – are we there yet?

This might be a bit late, but I’ll post it anyway: 1.4.2 is on the PTS, you can read the changelog here.

It’s a weird patch. On one hand you have little fixes that seem to be out-of-place 2 years down the road – fixes to quests, PQs, dungeons and tome unlocks. Don’t get me wrong, fixing whatever needs fixing, especially the semi-broken PvE and the pride of the game, the tome of knowledge, is good. But how come it never came up earlier? Most of these bugs are easy to squash, the only problem is locating them. Is Mythic’s Q&A department doing its job? Does Mythic even have a Q&A department now? Continue reading

Thoughts on melee healer change

Oh look, my post titles are starting to make sense. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Mythic is trying to hold true to their promise on balancing healing careers and they are starting with melee healers (WP/DoK). Here is the post on the changes. And below is my reaction. Continue reading

Dear Mythic, please fix… #5

Dear Mythic, please fix the new renown training window.

I know 1.4 isn’t live yet and everything is subject to change, but it’s 2 days away so I’m a bit worried. While the renown rewards overhaul might look good, the window itself doesn’t. It’s confusing and makes spending, resetting points and planning ahead very cumbersome. With an interface like that a community renown speccing template might be needed just to make planning ahead viable. Here’s how the current and the new interfaces looks like: Continue reading

Thanks Mythic

I mean it. I complained about opting out here and about premade scenarios here. And now Mythic announced some changes coming in 1.4 and they include matchmaking for scenarios and an improved opt out system. The opt out system being implemented is exactly the same as the one I suggest, not taking any credit here of course. And while the matchmaking system sounds kind of dodgy (based on your performance, not straight renown rank sounds like it could be exploited a bit), it’s really something sorely needed. Especially because of the huge gap we’ll see between new RR100 and sub RR40 people when the RvR packs hit.

Good going Mythic. Now don’t disappoint me with balancing the new gear. It looks dangerously imbalanced (4k TotD crits and 2k Martyr’s Blessing crits?)

Bad, bad tank!

When Mythic announced they are changing guard to require a shield in 1.4, most of the tanks understandably went apeshit. The change has later been pulled, but thinking about it still upsets many players. Having two tanks myself and quite a bit of experience with them, I’ve been giving this problem some thought. It may be a bit late, but with Mythic announcing that they intend to have a look at this at a later date, I feel it’s still very relevant. Continue reading