My name is Elf, Witch Elf


Had fun editing some of my Witch Elf T3 footage. Still experimenting with the encoding and the colours but it’s at least somewhat entertaining so I figured I’d post it here. Enjoy!


The Sneaky-Stabby Project

First of all, this has nothing to do with goblins. Yeah, I know, you’re disappointed, I know! Don’t forget to grab all the muck you brought in here with you on the way out. Thanks!

I had the clever idea of investigating one of the closest mirrors in the game, the Witch Hunter and the Witch Elf. Granted I didn’t come up with this up specifically for the sake of experimenting and feeling out the differences of the two for myself, it was mostly something for the sake of having fun on two careers that appeal to me. This is how the journey begins…

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PTS impressions

On Wednesday and Friday Mythic held two mass tests on the Warpstone PTS server to test the proposed ORvR changes. If you aren’t familiar with the new ruleset and mechanics you can hear about them in this video (second half). I was present at both and it’s about time I posted my impressions of the whole ordeal, so here they are.

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