The Sneaky-Stabby Project

First of all, this has nothing to do with goblins. Yeah, I know, you’re disappointed, I know! Don’t forget to grab all the muck you brought in here with you on the way out. Thanks!

I had the clever idea of investigating one of the closest mirrors in the game, the Witch Hunter and the Witch Elf. Granted I didn’t come up with this up specifically for the sake of experimenting and feeling out the differences of the two for myself, it was mostly something for the sake of having fun on two careers that appeal to me. This is how the journey begins…

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Size matters

I have played most order careers up to at least tier 3. The one I haven’t is a slayer. So I thought I’d see what all the controversy is about. But instead of deleting one of my characters (all slots full) I rather decided to roll their mirror, after all, they are supposed to be very similar. Furthermore, I thought that the Choppa would fit my play style better, since I prefer solo roaming and small group RvR or scenarios. In my eyes, Choppa armor debuff helps in any encounter, but the Slayer heal debuff only helps against healers or coordinated groups of healers. Arguably, an armor debuff is going to have just as big of a value on a single healer than the healing debuff. And I really didn’t fancy stacking weaponskill for armor penetration. I intended to play him to tier 3 at least, since that’s when you really get specialisation options, and then decide whether I’m going to continue leveling him. What happened was, that I played him to late tier 2 and then decided to drop him and rather reroll a Slayer. Below are my reasons for that.

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