The Sneaky-Stabby Project

First of all, this has nothing to do with goblins. Yeah, I know, you’re disappointed, I know! Don’t forget to grab all the muck you brought in here with you on the way out. Thanks!

I had the clever idea of investigating one of the closest mirrors in the game, the Witch Hunter and the Witch Elf. Granted I didn’t come up with this up specifically for the sake of experimenting and feeling out the differences of the two for myself, it was mostly something for the sake of having fun on two careers that appeal to me. This is how the journey begins…

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Balancing Act

That’s a pic of the Slayer I’ve been leveling. Even though he is still in T2, he is a handsome little Tasmanian devil. I haven’t really had much time to play him with exams and all that, but once things get back to normal I look forward to leveling the fat Mohawk Ball of Doom™. And while I dread arriving in T4 too soon, I think I’ll manage to get him to a decent RR for him to become more than cannon fodder without too much frustration. What I wanted to write about was how surprised I was at the complexity of the career. Like most people who have’t had any previous experience in leveling a Choppa/Slayer, I just assumed that it’s really easy. I was wrong.

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