One of these days…

…I’m going to write a good post. I promise. Just not today…

I wouldn’t if I were you →


Cold heart

I haven’t been around much the last two weeks, mainly because I’ve been busy. And while I did have the time to squeeze in a blog post or two (quite a bit of it in fact), I didn’t. I figured people might not have much time for reading blogs with all the partying going on and the free time they have on their hands (oh yes, I know most of you read blogs at work). Or you were like me and managed to pick  up a flu and spent New Year’s eve in bed, feeling sorry for yourself.

The above resulted in me not logging in to WAR until after new year. I saw the RvR action slowing down around twentieth and with a lot of my guildies taking a break over the holidays I thought I’d do the same. Which usually renews my interest for the game. Only that this time, there was a nasty surprise waiting for me. Continue reading