Conspicuous Lack of Activity

These days it seems that whenever I get excited about a game the feelings end up fading away in the space of a few weeks. Unfortunately I am not a person that can ramble on about things I’m not passionate about. Return of Reckoning, albeit a formidable project with passionate individuals that still seems to be going strong, took a path in development that alienated the game from me. Around the same time I had to resume my duties as a pretend-adult and wrestle real-life responsibilities. Which naturally limited my free time and with it the willingness to spend energy on investment-heavy games.

So between masquerading as a human being, slaying rats in Vermintide, trying my best to weed out the pugs from the PuGs in vanilla WoW, mucking about in Hearthstone and trying not to get lost in the world of The Witcher 3 (which, as I’m sure everyone is aware, is an amazing game), there’s not much time left for passionate, late-night attempts at wit via keyboard hammering.

But fear not, soon I shall exact my sudden, yet inevitable betrayal of the human race and return to my night-dwelling ways full of passionate fantasies…

That might not have come out exactly right…



You are most likely aware of the fact that some beasts (and plants) hibernate over winter. I, on the other hand, seem to be getting busier the closer winter gets. These days I hardly have the time or the opportunity to play any games at all, bar a few LoL matches with my friends. It’s hard to keep blogging about something you are no longer actively involved in, which means that, as you might have already noticed, the activity on the blog will go down the gutter.

I’m not going to close down the blog entirely because it can still serve a purpose in the future (plus I fancy keeping the posts online). Besides, I might occasionally feel the urge to ramble incessantly or the need to comment on the happenings in the gaming world and where shall I turn to then? No sensible, self-respecting website would have me (rightfully so).

I’ll probably still write a post every two weeks or so, but don’t count on me continuing the critically acclaimed Weekend Music Madness series or finishing the other series I’ve been trying to wrap up for months (*cough*dragons*cough*). It’s probably for the best, you could get spoiled from such good entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that I got invited into Wrath of Heroes closed beta, just after the last round of tests ended. I don’t even know if there will be another round or when, but I’m quite sure I won’t have the time or the means available to me in order to partake in them. Well done, Mythic.

Sleep well, friends. See you on the other end.

Melancholy of Heroes

Yes, quite. Unless your place of residence is under a rock, you’ll be aware by now that Mythic has announced their new Warhammer project called Wrath of Heroes. Apparently Mythic took a look at all the DotA spawns and the success they’ve had, then took a look at their MMO, or more specifically, their scenario system and went: “Maybe we should, y’know, buff Magi?”

Screenshot of Wrath of Heroes.

Is that an Undead in the background? Ooh!

Haha etc. →

The quiet before the storm


The lack of posts on my blog can be attributed to me not playing much except for LoL due to my broken monitor and the fact that there’s nothing going on that would catch my attention and compel me to write about it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting senile, dumb and deaf, but I honestly think these qualities can’t have progressed much further than they already were a few weeks ago.

I have a few games I’ve been wanting to play, which I’ll be getting into (and hopefully blogging about) as soon as I get my monitor sorted.

I also owe an apology to the people in my blogroll, as I haven’t been trolling and reading their posts like I usually do, which I’ll have to remedy soon. Otherwise there isn’t much point in having a blogroll or even blogging in the first place.

As for WMM; shut up.

Just LoLing around

I have to apologise for the sporadic posting the last few days, but I’ve been quite busy. Every time I set aside some time for the blog I end up fiddling with the new theme and not posting anything. Speaking of which, I STILL NEED OPINIONS! The poll is in the main menu, please vote (and additional comments are welcome). And don’t say you don’t care because you do. Help me decide.

With that whine out of the way, let me fill you in on what I’ve been playing these days…

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