Weekend Music Madness

Yay, it’s Friday again! Oh wait… Well who cares, pretend it’s Friday for a few minutes because music galore! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, mostly because of how little interest they managed to raise. And also because this feels too much like forcing music on others. But then I realised no one is forcing anyone to do anything! You’re all wild animals, free to do whatever you want! Go Willy, swim out into the ocean, swim! Or you could have a peek inside for good music. It’s up to you Willy…

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Weekend Music Madness

If you happen to even skim the WMM every week, you’ll know that the current trend is all things rock or metal and that I am slowly moving into heavier music. And so this instalment of WMM will focus on, what wikipedia informs me is melodic death metal. Don’t be intimidated by the name, it’s music like any other (although some people might beg to differ). Granted, it’s not for everyone, but chances are that if you are reading this post you’ll probably be pissed or perhaps slightly tipsy. In which case the music doesn’t really matter, you’re just looking for something to do. And now that I have foolishly informed the few of my readers that they are all drunken ignorants, let’s commence music.

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Weekend Music Madness

A wild WMM appears! It uses Good Music. It’s super effective!

I was honestly going to move on to “harder” music, but then I remembered I’m neglecting a whole sub-genre of metal that I used to listen to a metric ton. I’m talking about symphonic/speed/power metal, which I’ve recently rediscovered and have been enjoying more than I ought to. It seems like this series is slowly turning from “Six Walks in the Musical Woods” into “Blaq rediscovering long-lost music and screaming gleefully about it”. Which isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, but probably quite a disturbing experience for anyone else. Not that I care about such trivialities, there’s no stopping me (sorry, too much Queen)!

I know there will always be naysayers (especially with this genre) with thoughts like “Oh, but power metal is all the same!” or “This is just gibberish played very fast on a guitar!”. To which my reply is: no one is forcing you to stay. With that out of the way, onwards, to glory and power and naked women! And tea.

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Weekend Music Madness

After last week’s debacle WMM is now back! Bigger and better than ever… wait, no, that’s a lie. It’s still pretty much the same. At least this week it’s a different genre.

I’m slowly making my way from rock into metal waters, so if you are not a particular fan of the guitar and bass heavy music you might want to go listen to Nyancat now. That being said, I encourage everyone to broaden their music horizon by at least giving the linked songs a short listen. You can always stop the video if you don’t like it, you know.

Before we really start on metal, I feel like I should do a post on symphonic metal first. You know the kind, a classically trained female voice with heavy guitars and bass riffs and usually a classical instrument or two or three or a whole orchestra.

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I keep seeing people flaming and harassing individuals or groups of people who express their love for this game or that. I’ve had enough.

Say you are a Call of Duty fan that loves playing it on your Xbox 360. You might experience fans of PC FPS games bullying you. Or maybe you’re a Rift player and wherever you go, there’s that one guy who starts ranting about how Rift is a WoW ripoff, an inferior game and how you are a moron for playing it. Try to make a LoL post on any forum and there’ll be heaps of people spitting all over it, about how it’s inferior to DotA, HoN or any other DotA-like. Commence flame wars.

This isn’t only limited to gaming, it’s rampant in music too. Why do they do this? Why does a large majority of people feel the need to diminish and criticise things that others love? If you love listening to metal, there’s no need to flame the hell out of the guy who loves techno. As long as they aren’t downright forcing you to listen to their music, there is no need to criticise their tastes. Because it’s their taste, not yours. It’s none of your frigging business.

This is somewhat connected with my attempts to educated the MMO community (now isn’t that ambitious?) in critical thinking and turning them from fanboys into fans. Jumping on the fanboy bandwagon of hate isn’t being a fan. Showing your love for something by expressing your dislike of something else isn’t being a fan. Being a fan is looking at a game/band/genre with a critical eye and loving it even after recognising their flaws.

As with gaming, there is no moral precedence or belief (ok, some religious people are nuts) that would compel you to say anything bad about games other people love. If you don’t like something, there’s no need to express your dislike, as long as their hobby doesn’t hurt you. Love your game and let others love theirs.

Weekend Music Madness

Here we are again, clicking on weird youtube links, hoping to find something ear-pleasing, but never knowing when we’re going to get Rick-Rolled. It’s a tough world. Don’t despair though, I’m not the kind of guy to set you up, these links are all troll-less.

We’re currently in the rock constellation and if the focus of the last WMM was punk, it’s time for something harder. No, not that hard! Just stop wincing and have a listen, will you.

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Weekend Music Madness

Readers must be wondering by now, does it man never run out of music? On the contrary, each time I start writing one of these I spend an hour just deciding which music to include. There’s so much good music that I want to link to! But here I am, trudging through it at a snail pace. It’s torture I tell you!

Oh well, here we go. This week’s WMM should feature punk rock and punk, or some such. I have no idea honestly.

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Weekend Music Madness


After all the electronic music I’ve posted in the last few instalments of this heavily overrated music series, it really is time for some rock. What kind of rock you ask? To be honest, I have no idea what genre/group this music is in and I don’t care. It’s rock, that’s all you need to know. Onwards to glory and music!

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Weekend Music Madness

I have to apologise for this week’s poor attempt to appear like an actual blogger. I have, in fact, been busy with various things that make people busy and the week in general has been quite slow in gaming (if you disregard the WoW and Starcraft drama). In addition, I’ve been trying to make the best of the IP boost we got from the EU platform split in LoL (I’m on East/Nordic at the moment). Also, me and DA2 have had a bit of a falling out, which is why there was no DA2 post this week. However! There should be (quite likely, but not guaranteed) a good number of quality posts with star-dust and awesomeness sprinkled on top next week and if there aren’t you can report me for abusive behaviour, how’s that? With that, let’s see to some music, shall we.

Apparently I’ve been rude to the French in my LoL EU split post, which is why I have now deliberately (purely coincidentally) linked only to French music. And what do you know, all of it is in the electronic genre. As for any other classification, I’d have to resort to the mess that is synthpop/house/dance with rock and metal influences. Phew. Interested?

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Weekend Music Madness

Hearing that today is Friday is music to my ears. Speaking of music; today’s WMM will focus on dubstep (and no, that wasn’t sarcasm!).

Ah yes, dubstep. Music to some, sounds of industrial machinery to others. But let me show you some of my favourite artists and maybe even the naysayers will be able to comment with something else than “You call this music?!”.

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