Of rats and (rat)men

There has been a conspicuous lack of activity on this blog but I promise you there’s a very  good reason for that. I’ve finally gotten myself a proper graphics card so after, what feels like a lifetime of trying to game on a ten year old laptop and integrated graphics of a desktop computer I built later, I’m finally free to enjoy games again! All of them! And what do I end up playing? Warhammer, again, still… I’ve been playing Vermintide and having poured 54 hours into it, as Steam judgingly reminds me, I should type down a few words about it. Because what good is a blog if it doesn’t contain my never-ending stream of babble?

Oh and you can also observe my attempt at playing the game. I’d think I’m quite good at it but my judgement of these things has failed me in the past, as the internet keeps reminding me. Sorry about the colours but the video doubles as a rendertest and I’m trying to get the colour settings right, unfortunately youtube is struggling with Vermintide’s potato colours.

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