Main, alts and the rest

This is it then. The Summer is now officially over. We’ve had the temperatures drop from 25+ to below 15 in a single day where I live, so I guess it’s not just the official summer that is ending. I really hate the Fall. Not so much because of the depressing weather and the dying nature, more because with Fall and Winter following it, it just feels like the end of the year is nearly here. And I hate endings. In fact, I hate beginnings aswell. I guess I don’t like changes, I’m more of a stagnant guy. I reckon me and father Nurgle would have great fun together.

But disregard this ramble. I have some random and some not so random things to talk about. So if you aren’t a fan of general updates you should skip this post.

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Is it July yet?

I know there are a lot of these around the blogosphere already, but I just had to respond to the announced changes. I’m glad to see that Mythic are keeping their promise of listening closely to the players wishes and communicating more. This months Producer’s Letter actually arrived on time! Armor revamp is mentioned again and by now I’m itching to get my hands on it. Give!

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“I need to hit someone to have a plan”

I haven’t posted in a while (OMG 3 days you noob), which is mostly because nothing important had crossed my mind. So I thought I’d tell you what my main gripe with Swordmasters/Black Orcs is. It’s their mechanic coupled with the fact that almost ALL of their abilities are tied to it.

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