Freelance: Slayer


This article was written back when I was happily roaming on my Slayer and when I was still actively playing WAR. It was written with the intention of showcasing the way I play the career, introducing players to the playstyle and helping those who are struggling. Later I abandoned this semi-guide when I realised that this specific playstyle and the tactics depicted below are highly subjective in nature, that I’m not really qualified to be teaching anyone anything and that most of it could be condensed into a few sentences. It has been sitting in my drafts folder ever since. I decided to proof read it and correct it simply because I think it would be a waste to delete it and because I see some people searching for information on this topic. So take this wall of text with a grain of salt, and as always, test it before you buy it. With that, take it away Mr. Residential Quasi-Expert.

When Rift went into open beta and several guildies announced that they’ll be participating in it, I decided to swap my gear around and respec into a solo friendly build on my Slayer. If there’s not much going on in the guild as far as group play goes, I’m more than happy to go solo for a bit every now and then. Now, after a couple of days, I believe I’m back in the swing of ORvR solo roaming and I thought I’d share a bit of my knowledge and experience. It won’t be a guide per-se, since a lot of the gear, tactics setup and rotations, along with playstyle are subjective and mostly boil down to preference. But since there seem to be no decent Slayer guides around, you’re hardly in a position to complain.

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An Axe or a Hammer, That is the Question

As you might know, I have recently leveled my Slayer to 40 (oh no, you’re not avoiding personal entries, suck it up). I was leveling him with a friend who, upon entering T3,  just flew to LotD and got to 40 in three days or so. The Slayer was all lonely so I ported him to LotD aswell and started leveling. A few hours a week and bam, he was 40 before I knew it.

I’m actually quite enjoying him, even though I get squished by pretty much anyone staring too hard at me. But I comfort myself in knowing that it’s the way of the Slayer, and that I’ll pay them back when they’re not watching. Yes, I do dirty things in your sleep… The only problem is that, having leveled him with a lot of rested xp and through power leveling, he’s only at RR20. So he’s wearing purple and blue repairable stuff, which isn’t that bad, but is lacking the bonuses sets have. I’d be getting his renown up if it weren’t for the fact that all of my chars bloody need renown. It will have to wait. Anyways, on with the show!

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A Question of Axes (or picking a melee dps)

I was trying to come up with a post that would actually help people who read it, instead of the usual whine/personal post (which no one reads, /cry). And I came up with quite an ingenious way to combine my altitis and my urge to blog. See, currently I have a 40 White Lion, Marauder and now a Slayer. Yes, somehow, suddenly, out of the blue, I found a 40 Slayer when I logged on. I think he might have just snuck on my account and made a home for himself. Would be rude to kick him out now.

In any case, I will be comparing three medium armored melee dps, my White Lion, Marauder and Slayer at lower renown ranks to find out their strengths, weaknesses and possible playstyles. I will be pitting them against each other and rating different aspects of gameplay on a scale of 1-3. The result should be a solid comparison between the three and an informative post. Hopefully, this will help new players and veterans alike decide on a melee dps career.

Edit: As I realised that one blog post for all 3 careers would be too big, I decided to split them up into three parts. Part one, the White Lion, out now! Part two, the Slayer, coming soon!

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Balancing Act

That’s a pic of the Slayer I’ve been leveling. Even though he is still in T2, he is a handsome little Tasmanian devil. I haven’t really had much time to play him with exams and all that, but once things get back to normal I look forward to leveling the fat Mohawk Ball of Doom™. And while I dread arriving in T4 too soon, I think I’ll manage to get him to a decent RR for him to become more than cannon fodder without too much frustration. What I wanted to write about was how surprised I was at the complexity of the career. Like most people who have’t had any previous experience in leveling a Choppa/Slayer, I just assumed that it’s really easy. I was wrong.

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Size matters

I have played most order careers up to at least tier 3. The one I haven’t is a slayer. So I thought I’d see what all the controversy is about. But instead of deleting one of my characters (all slots full) I rather decided to roll their mirror, after all, they are supposed to be very similar. Furthermore, I thought that the Choppa would fit my play style better, since I prefer solo roaming and small group RvR or scenarios. In my eyes, Choppa armor debuff helps in any encounter, but the Slayer heal debuff only helps against healers or coordinated groups of healers. Arguably, an armor debuff is going to have just as big of a value on a single healer than the healing debuff. And I really didn’t fancy stacking weaponskill for armor penetration. I intended to play him to tier 3 at least, since that’s when you really get specialisation options, and then decide whether I’m going to continue leveling him. What happened was, that I played him to late tier 2 and then decided to drop him and rather reroll a Slayer. Below are my reasons for that.

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