The art of blowing your trumpet

As you might be aware, patch 1.4.2 is live on the servers. I’ve talked about it a bit here, and concluded that while Mythic is taking steps in the right direction in order to balance the game, they are not addressing the worm of stale content that is eating into the game. The focus of the game might be PvP, but by now I’m sure that everyone realises that players can’t be entertained by the same few ways of killing someone for 3 years. It seemed as if Mythic didn’t. But there was a glimmer of hope in those patch notes, a revamped Mourkain Temple making it back into the T3 and T4 scenario pool. What I imagined would be a slightly changed scenario, in order to fix some of the more apparent flaws in its design, turned out to exceed my expectations several times over. Imagine my surprise when I watched the below video made by Werit.

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WAR on depreciation

It’s no secret that Warhammer Online is in a big rut at the moment. The most important link the community had with the devs, Andy Belford, left Mythic and Carrie seems to have given over the reins of WAR development to James Casey. Big changes the community is rightfully sceptical of. Any game development discussion seems to have slowed down  and patches are being worked on very slowly (the patching speed never was lightning fast to start with). It’s as if Mythic isn’t quite sure where and how to begin setting the game up on its legs again, after the recent changes, the population drop and with most of the staff being shuffled to help with SWToR (it’s not a secret, Bioware). So here’s my contribution. A short countdown or a list of items Mythic should be working on, the ones with the highest priority on the top. Yay, a countdown! Continue reading

Dear Mythic, please fix… #8

Dear Mythic, please fix the scenario currency.

Next time I need to pay my subscription, I want the payment options to look something like: “Two month subscription, costs either 10, 20 or 30 euros.” And then it would randomly bill me one of those amounts. You say that can’t be done? Cause it’s inconvenient and plain silly? I agree.

Then why the hell am I awarded “between 1 and 3” crests at the end of a scenario? How is that not silly and inconvenient? Because it depends on the color of Tchar’zanek’s socks, the wind speed in Lost Vale and the amount of dps Archmages in Nordenwatch, it just messes with unlucky players and makes for ragequits. It’s not a coincidence that I’m writing about this issue a day after I logged off in disgust after 22 painful scenarios before getting my weapon turned into 27 painful scenarios. The amount of crests awarded varying serves no purpose, fix it.

It would be easy to fix aswell. Just change the fused type of crest to a normal type in the script that awards scenario currency and change the amount from one to two.

Yours Sincerely,
“Between 1 and 3” Blaq

Thanks Mythic

I mean it. I complained about opting out here and about premade scenarios here. And now Mythic announced some changes coming in 1.4 and they include matchmaking for scenarios and an improved opt out system. The opt out system being implemented is exactly the same as the one I suggest, not taking any credit here of course. And while the matchmaking system sounds kind of dodgy (based on your performance, not straight renown rank sounds like it could be exploited a bit), it’s really something sorely needed. Especially because of the huge gap we’ll see between new RR100 and sub RR40 people when the RvR packs hit.

Good going Mythic. Now don’t disappoint me with balancing the new gear. It looks dangerously imbalanced (4k TotD crits and 2k Martyr’s Blessing crits?)

Dear Mythic, please fix… #2

Dear Mythic, please fix officer medallion gains in ORvR.

Currently, it takes ages to get enough medallions for annihilator pieces. Most people will outrank the set before they ca…

*Wha? what patchnotes? I don’t eve…*

Ahem, it seems that Mythic has already increased the medallion drop rate in today’s hotfix patch. Therefore:

Dear Mythic, please fix scenario queueing.

We all know the game encourages players to group up and PvP together, but forcing player who don’t to fight those who do, in usually unfair scenarios, is mean and is hurting the game. The common misconception is that premades enjoy farming randoms in scenarios. This is plain wrong in most cases, as the best fights premades can hope for are against other premades, along with supplying best rewards. Spawn camping a bunch of randoms is boring and unproductive. You need to introduce some kind of a group queuing system in order to fix scenarios for both premades and PuGs.

I’ve outlined a system I believe can fix it here. If nothing else, let us test a system that separates premades from PuGs for a week, then pull the metric to have a better understanding of just how much of a benefit such a system would be.

Yours Sincerely,
Stomped-over Blaq

Main, alts and the rest

This is it then. The Summer is now officially over. We’ve had the temperatures drop from 25+ to below 15 in a single day where I live, so I guess it’s not just the official summer that is ending. I really hate the Fall. Not so much because of the depressing weather and the dying nature, more because with Fall and Winter following it, it just feels like the end of the year is nearly here. And I hate endings. In fact, I hate beginnings aswell. I guess I don’t like changes, I’m more of a stagnant guy. I reckon me and father Nurgle would have great fun together.

But disregard this ramble. I have some random and some not so random things to talk about. So if you aren’t a fan of general updates you should skip this post.

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6vs6 for dummies

With the new Eternal Citadel event, where we got a 6vs6 scenario for the weekend (and hopefully for good), I noticed that the general player base is mostly ignorant to the basics of small-scale RvR. I suspect lower tier scenarios are mostly about whoever has a better setup, higher levels and whoever facerolls more. I won’t claim that I’m an expert on 6vs6. I’d say there are plenty of people more qualified to write such a guide (like Tarelther for example, he already has plenty of articles on 6 man groups), but for a rudimentary basic guide for your average Karl, my knowledge will do. Continue reading

Best case Scenario

Sssh! I’m not here, honestly, I’m still afk. This post doesn’t exist it’s just a dream you had.

Thinking about ways to improve RvR I shifted my point of view from the end game to the mid game, so to speak. I know that high renown ranked players need something to do, and currently there isn’t much in the way of content for RR80 players (which is imo inherently a player problem rather than a game problem, but more on that some other time). I hope the next few patches address that and improve end game content, so the game can retain veteran players. But we don’t want the population to remain stagnant. We want to increase the player base. For this to happen we have to streamline the content and make it enjoyable from RR1 to 80. The biggest problem, I am sure most will agree, is the transient period when players are finishing with their career rank leveling and start attaining renown ranks in T4. It’s a huge speed bump and can turn many players away from the game.

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