Criss-, Cross- and Serpetine-realming

One of the biggest issues the Return of Reckoning project has been facing is reconciling with the fact that the majority of the population prefer playing on the winning side. In an open world PvP game with two – seldom evenly matched – fighting realms this mindset manifests itself in people logging off their characters on the losing side to participate in victories (and pertaining rewards) of the winning side. The fact that this behaviour is harmful to the stability of the server has been recognised from the very beginning by both devs and players and soon measures to prevent this from happening will be added to the game.

I seem to have misplaced my Photoshop skillz...

I seem to have misplaced my Photoshop skillz…

How and why? Join me in finding out.

As long as you don’t have a phobia of walls of text… →

Tier 4.5 – Isle of the D(r)ead

In my last post, where I ranted about things Mythic needs to fix, I put separating the RR80+ crowd from the rest as a top priority. I also mentioned I’ll be fleshing out an idea that achieves that. As you correctly assumed from the title, it takes the form of a new tier. Now before you get up from your chair and start shouting at the monitor I should tell you that it’s not a regular tier. Just calm down and read on.

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WAR on depreciation

It’s no secret that Warhammer Online is in a big rut at the moment. The most important link the community had with the devs, Andy Belford, left Mythic and Carrie seems to have given over the reins of WAR development to James Casey. Big changes the community is rightfully sceptical of. Any game development discussion seems to have slowed down  and patches are being worked on very slowly (the patching speed never was lightning fast to start with). It’s as if Mythic isn’t quite sure where and how to begin setting the game up on its legs again, after the recent changes, the population drop and with most of the staff being shuffled to help with SWToR (it’s not a secret, Bioware). So here’s my contribution. A short countdown or a list of items Mythic should be working on, the ones with the highest priority on the top. Yay, a countdown! Continue reading

How to stop ninjaing crests

I see you. I watch you every time you set the auto roll for crests to need on all. You’ll shrug and go “You don’t seriously expect me to click pass each time an invader, warlord or royal crest drops and need on every doomflayer or warpforged?”. Of course the lowbie setting his to need on all will use the same argument, only with a hint of puppy eyes and a remark on how tough it is to get through life as a lowbie. Well no more being lazy. Here’s how to do others and yourself a favour, as karma is a bitch (and will come to bite you in the ass when you’d trade your grandmother for that gold bag). Continue reading

Rant of the week

I’m slowly getting back into WAR after my short break (King Arthur The RP Wargame is excellent btw!) and I decided to have a gander at the lower tiers first before going back to T4. I used to spend at least half my game-time playing in lower tiers, before I got a guild and raced to RR80, as I loved the RvR there. So I jumped on my T2 WE (rank 16) to pwn some order (rage when getting gang-banged after a failed gank, more likely). Continue reading

PTS impressions

On Wednesday and Friday Mythic held two mass tests on the Warpstone PTS server to test the proposed ORvR changes. If you aren’t familiar with the new ruleset and mechanics you can hear about them in this video (second half). I was present at both and it’s about time I posted my impressions of the whole ordeal, so here they are.

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Norn in picture (Order PoV)

Bootae posted a selection of screenshots showcasing the ORvR action we get on Karak Norn. I thought I’d post some of my screenshots, because it’s always nice to see both sides of the coin. The action is just as intense if you’re playing Order.

Below is something Order likes to do when locking DW; it’s a traditional push into the Warcamp. It’s sort of a contest of who can live longest and a frenzy of killing everything in the destruction WC. And a quick way of getting to our own WC to go on to Caledor. Check the crosses marking the battles on the map on the last screenshot.

PvE is not my forté

WAR has some great and immersive PvE most players don’t know about. And I’m not talking about dungeons either (even though some great lower level dungeons seem to be ignored these days). I won’t pretend I’ve done loads of open world PvE, after all, I am mostly after PvP in WAR, like the majority of players. But what if the PvE was improved and integrated with PvP?

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