Harass the Healer

I found that taking a short hiatus from WAR isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you a better perspective on things and recharges your batteries. So now that I resubbed I’ve been full on gaming. I’ve decided to shelve my Runepriest for a bit and get my Warrior Priest’s RR up. I’m amazed time and time again at how much raw healing output the career can deliver in comparison to my RP. At least in my eyes, the career has only one shortcoming which is weak single target healing. But apart from that I see WPs as the current main healers, since in an AoE environment the healer that can deliver the most AoE healing will be most valuable. Of course, all healers need to work together to ensure no one dies, but without a WP you’ll be hard pressed to survive in a competitive situation (especially if other healers don’t have 5 piece tyrant).

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Thinking is overrated

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m running headlong into a wall. Repeatedly. Constantly. Ah the wonderful education system. But enough of that! As you are probably aware, the new producers letter is out. I just had to comment on it.

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Runepriests and 1.3.5

I know, I know, this is just too cliché. Uninventive blogger blogs about miniscule patch changes that likely won’t affect gameplay. Offers no constructive suggestions, merely whines and cries about cruel fate. But hey, first page needs to be filled before I can officially disappear for three months and not post anything. So there!

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