Pigs CAN fly!

I thought I’d never see the day when Mythic started buffing careers they ignored for the last year or so. But behold! It is happening, they are taking a look at fixing Marauders, more specifically the Brutality tree. Go read this and comment on the changes.

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A Question of Mutations

I loved my Marauder in T1 through T3, but then came T4. I have no idea why, but Marauders seem to scale very poorly with tiers. Maybe in T4 their utility doesn’t come into play much, with all the CC and debuffs flying around. Or maybe they just scale very slowly and get powerful at higher ranks? I have no idea. But what I do know is that I somewhat lost interest in this career since coming to T4.

This is the final part of the comparison series. I know that the careers I’m comparing might not be the ones people are looking to play, but I don’t have any other MDPS and I’m not planning on making more chars in the near future. I still hope this will be able to provide useful information and insight.

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An Axe or a Hammer, That is the Question

As you might know, I have recently leveled my Slayer to 40 (oh no, you’re not avoiding personal entries, suck it up). I was leveling him with a friend who, upon entering T3,  just flew to LotD and got to 40 in three days or so. The Slayer was all lonely so I ported him to LotD aswell and started leveling. A few hours a week and bam, he was 40 before I knew it.

I’m actually quite enjoying him, even though I get squished by pretty much anyone staring too hard at me. But I comfort myself in knowing that it’s the way of the Slayer, and that I’ll pay them back when they’re not watching. Yes, I do dirty things in your sleep… The only problem is that, having leveled him with a lot of rested xp and through power leveling, he’s only at RR20. So he’s wearing purple and blue repairable stuff, which isn’t that bad, but is lacking the bonuses sets have. I’d be getting his renown up if it weren’t for the fact that all of my chars bloody need renown. It will have to wait. Anyways, on with the show!

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A Question of Axes (or picking a melee dps)

I was trying to come up with a post that would actually help people who read it, instead of the usual whine/personal post (which no one reads, /cry). And I came up with quite an ingenious way to combine my altitis and my urge to blog. See, currently I have a 40 White Lion, Marauder and now a Slayer. Yes, somehow, suddenly, out of the blue, I found a 40 Slayer when I logged on. I think he might have just snuck on my account and made a home for himself. Would be rude to kick him out now.

In any case, I will be comparing three medium armored melee dps, my White Lion, Marauder and Slayer at lower renown ranks to find out their strengths, weaknesses and possible playstyles. I will be pitting them against each other and rating different aspects of gameplay on a scale of 1-3. The result should be a solid comparison between the three and an informative post. Hopefully, this will help new players and veterans alike decide on a melee dps career.

Edit: As I realised that one blog post for all 3 careers would be too big, I decided to split them up into three parts. Part one, the White Lion, out now! Part two, the Slayer, coming soon!

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Main, alts and the rest

This is it then. The Summer is now officially over. We’ve had the temperatures drop from 25+ to below 15 in a single day where I live, so I guess it’s not just the official summer that is ending. I really hate the Fall. Not so much because of the depressing weather and the dying nature, more because with Fall and Winter following it, it just feels like the end of the year is nearly here. And I hate endings. In fact, I hate beginnings aswell. I guess I don’t like changes, I’m more of a stagnant guy. I reckon me and father Nurgle would have great fun together.

But disregard this ramble. I have some random and some not so random things to talk about. So if you aren’t a fan of general updates you should skip this post.

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Marauder video thingy

I was clearing my hard drive (late spring cleaning) and found video clips of roaming with my Marauder when he was in T3. I thought just deleting them would be a waste, so I pasted them together and added music, in case any weird people enjoy seeing that. The quality of the fights is not the best, as most of it was shot during the GOA-Mythic handover and there was a serious lack of players on Karak Azgal. Excuse the lack of editing, as I just couldn’t be arsed with it and had an empty head idea-wise.

The gear was Devastator with inf rewards and spec was Savagery with Thunderous Blow, Cutting Claw and Deadly Clutch. I used Brute Force, Subvert Strenght and either Deadly Clutch or Flanking as tactics.