A Dummies Guide to Disciple of Khaine and Warrior Priest Changes

Edit: I will do my best to keep this up-to-date. Any feedback, help and corrections are appreciated.

Edit 2 19/11: The post has now been updated for the 19/11 patch.
Edit 3 22/11: Edited with the correct value on Sigmar’s Radiance and Transfer Essence as per this post.

The latest series of patches on the Return of Reckoning server aim to fulfill the original design goal of melee healers and make front-line healing viable. These changes drastically alter the way the two careers are played, including spec, tactic and stat changes. Since they need to be fine-tuned for them to be viable without being overpowered the changes are ongoing and patches are applied daily. This combined with a new way of thinking when it comes to the playstyle of these two careers and easily confused aura names makes many players scratch their heads and rage in exasperation at the patch notes.


This totally isn’t a three years old picture recycled to fit my needs. No siree…

Rage no more! Here comes an up-to-date, albeit slightly condescending guide aimed at making these changes understandable to the dummies (I say this lovingly, really).

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Waning enthusiasm

I haven’t commented on the proposed 1.4.1 healer changes yet, but suffice to say that the current version doesn’t do anything to fix the AM/RP/Shaman/Zealot and WP/DoK healing viability disparity. In fact, the changes are so miniscule they don’t signify any major shifts in the playstyle. Healers will be hard-pressed to fit the cleanse tactics into the usual tactic setup, which means that cleansing on the whole will remain as it is. The 0.5 sec reduction on the single target heal is like a drop in the ocean and will hardly have any effect on the frequency of usage. Shamans will be glad to get a nice tactic though. But that’s about it.

This post is about the proposed melee healer change though, so on with it.

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DOOM! GLOOM! I quit!

That title generally sums up the feelings in the WP/DoK community after the recent change. But in my opinion, and the opinion of the fellow guildie WPs, these are the last cries of the FotM rerollers before rerolling again or quitting. There is no doubt in a sane mind that the healing of melee healers needed to be toned down. It forced players into an over-reliance on those two careers in competitive play and made other healers obsolete. Mythic took the first step, how did they do? Read below. Continue reading

Thoughts on melee healer change

Oh look, my post titles are starting to make sense. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Mythic is trying to hold true to their promise on balancing healing careers and they are starting with melee healers (WP/DoK). Here is the post on the changes. And below is my reaction. Continue reading

What have the Disciples ever done for us?

Warrior Priests and Disciples of Khaine have been nemeses since launch, trading blows but never retreating. Mythic has made attempts at bringing the two careers closer together balance-wise, and has succeeded in some aspects. But with the current push in the melee healer community towards nerfing ranged healing and boosting melee healing, I can’t help but feel that one side is getting the short end of the stick. So I’ve set out to examine and compare both careers, especially in the melee department.

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