Acutely Mortal – Last Demise

Because I’m stupid, I hadn’t noticed that my Mortal Online trial account expired last Tuesday. Which, incidentally, was also the day I was planning on playing MO for the last time, in order to write the last diary entry in the series. Unlike the last time this happened, I won’t be making another trial account, because I feel like I’ve pretty much accomplished everything I’ve set out to do in the game. The series do feel a bit incomplete (although “Screw you game, I’m not your play toy.” kinda fits as the closing sentence), which I regret, but in the rare case that you enjoyed the series and hoped for more, I can tell you that more shall be coming. Just not in the form of Mortal Online diaries. Today though, I’ll be completing my journey with a look at the game that I’ve been playing for a good 20 hours. A sort of final verdict.A horseman charging with a banner. Continue reading

Acutely Mortal – Day 5

On day five Mortal Online showed me a side of it I haven’t seen before. I thought I had the game world all figured out, the way the noobie villages are strung along the coast, how they’re relatively close together and the way they are each a little world of their own enclosed in a valley, situated on a mountain top or nestled between the sea and the plains. I was disappointed by what seemed to be a small game world. The different ecosystems you’d expect to see in the game were all relatively close together and never spanned over a large area. I thought that in my mind I mapped almost half of the game world just by visiting all those villages. I had no idea how wrong I was.

A dead pig rolling downhill.

This is a dead pig rolling downhill. The ragdoll physics in this game are very good.

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Acutely Mortal – Day 4

If I were to give this post an alternate title, it would have to be “Failing epically”. In my last diary entry I decided to spend some time getting enough money to buy some armor, because adventuring turned out to be a hard thing to do while dressed in rags. I ended one-upping the rags and adventuring naked. Curious to find out how this epic fail came to be? Then read on…

A skirmish

A skirmish outside Fabernum.

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Acutely Mortal – Day 3

After a massive hiatus I have returned to my Mortal Online trial. The reason I took a break in the first place was the server being unstable and kicking me off more times than I managed to died (true). The server got fixed a few days later, but I was in the process of formatting and reinstalling two of my PCs, after which I needed to redownload and reinstall the client. And then, I have to be honest, I didn’t feel like playing MO. I felt like loling around in LoL or playing The Witcher, but not like playing MO. But through sheer force of will (I kept telling myself the game gets better) I went back. And I really had fun. I have no idea why I didn’t want to go back in the first place.

Brawl area closed in Fabernum


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Acutely Mortal – Day 2

Yesterday I logged out after crafting a weapon and a shield intent on taming one of the ferocious weasels. I had to prove my superiority somehow and what better way than to enslave your enemy, I ask you. However, things didn’t go according to plan because the server is incredibly unstable at the moment. A surge of trial players has exposed a memory leak in the login process which kept restarting the server every few minutes. So my first hour of playtime was spent playing a few minutes at a time and trying to log in the server in between. Later on the server did stabilise somewhat. The bug should be patched soon™.

On with the show! Today’s post could alternatively be titled “On the nature of rabbits”.


The spirit world, a very common sight.

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Acutely Mortal – Day 1

Mortal Online has recently announced a 14-day trial offer. I followed the game during it’s development and even tested it in the beta, but got turned off by its inaccessibility (and probably by the multitude of other games). I decided to give this sandbox MMO another go and I’ll be trying to keep a regular diary of my exploits. Here is the first installment of what could alternatively be titled “Running, running and more running”. Continue reading