Why I will fall in love with Guild Wars 2

There was a GW2 beta event going on last weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t been invited yet (not that I would be able to participate much) so I’m stuck with sneaking peeks at the official ArenaNet stream. The more I see of GW2 the more I’m convinced it’s a love affair in the making. Let me tell you why.

Screenshot of Charr from Guild Wars 2.

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It’s not that long. Ok, I lied. →


Objective Hype: Putting the War back into Coward

If you’re like me, then you’re about to explode with excitement over Guild Wars 2. Linking to some information or a video might relieve some of that excitement, but that’s not really my style. Instead, I thought I’d take an objective look at a specific part of this upcoming MMO in order to calm down a bit. Or, more likely, get even more hyped. Oh why must you torture me so…

To start off, I’ll examine the meat of the Guild Wars franchise and the thing we all love to bits; PvP. (I say start off because I might do more of these Objective Hype posts, who knows.)

Elementalist fighting a Guardian in Guild Wars 2.

Inevitable Failure →

Norn my fault

Apologies for the lack of Mortal Online updates, but until Star Vault manages to fix their servers the game is almost unplayable. The server restarts randomly, which makes any kind of prolonged play futile. I’m expecting them to gift players some free subscription once they fix them. They probably won’t be giving any free time to trial players, but I can always make another trial account. Which means that I am in no way done with Acutely Mortal.

Now I’m forced to play League of Legends, a game I’ve dabbled in the past, but never really gotten into. When I say forced, I mean compelled to play by my PvP glands. The game can be extremely frustrating, especially for a newbie like me, but I’m still enjoying it. If anyone feels like flexing their muscles or teaching a newbie how to play the game, my summoner name is Blaqq (QQ in the end is intentional, I do it a lot).

The real reason for this post is the GDC Guild Wars 2 video. Watch it, be amazed and express your amazement in the comments down below. Or just comment on how much I suck at LoL. Or how much I suck in general.

PS: Hah, take that Thrangis. Slowpoke. :P

MMO Wars

I’m testing Rift at the moment while still trying to keep up my regular raging WAR appearances. Which means I’m quite busy (some call it lazy in their ignorance), like always. Thoughts on Rift will follow, but for now I want to post a video of an MMO I’m currently most excited about. Here’s 50 minutes of Guild Wars 2 in-game footage. Apparently it shows the prologue and the starting area. You can see it here. Go watch, it’s exciting (non-embeddable, sorry).

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