Addon Armory: Tidy Roll

Addon Armory bannerA new year, a new incoherent post by yours truly. It’s time for more user interface streamlining and today I’ll showcase a sleek, minimalistic and incredibly handy addon that replaces the default loot window monstrosity. Now if any of this post seems familiar don’t fret, you aren’t going senile. I have recycled some of it from my previous rambling about Tidy Roll back in the year of 2010. After all, I am mindful of the environment and recycling is the first step to a greener earth (and also gives me more free time to kill stuff)!

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Addon Armory: Miracle Grow Remix

I’m starting a new series of posts where I’ll be highlighting any Return to Reckoning compatible addons that I find borderline mandatory. As much as we all love Mythic we know they often ran out of time for polishing. However players often have free time on their hands that they enjoy pouring into polishing their favourite game and creating weapons fellow players can use to smash heads with!

Today’s addon is aimed at simplifying cultivating. The cynical dwarf reader might scoff and mutter something about how cultivating is for Elgis and a greenskin might pose the question of “Iz CULTIVATIN’ sumfink ta bash stunties wif?”. I understand the confusion, how does cultivating help me smash heads? Let me elaborate; potions make you stronger in combat and to create those you need plants you get from cultivating. But cultivating takes time, all that clicking through different plots, watching your timers and keeping stock of all the plants, seeds, mushrooms and reagents can make the head of even the greenest of Shaman explode. But don’t worry; read below on how to simplify the whole process.

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Special renown specialisation troubles

Remember back in November how I was complaining about the new renown window being complete crap right before 1.4 went live? My hopes of it being a placeholder piece of UI that will get replaced with something functional were in vain, the useless thing is still in the game. But now an addon developer called Varonth has set out to right that wrong with an addon called AdvancedRenownTrainer. Here’s what he has to say:

With 1.4 Mythic introduced new renown abilities aswell as renown rank 100. Because of these changes, the old Renown Training Window was no longer useable, and therefore they introduced a new one. Sadly with this new window, which is basically just an unsorted list of abilities, is missing some features, which made skilling or reskilling renown abilities troublesome.

But with Advanced Renown Trainer, those features are available once again, and the UI is replaced by a tab-based window, with tabs for basic stats, advanced stats, defensive stats and abilities.

Well said. And coded even better. While not exactly what I had in mind (mine was a horizontal layout), it incorporates many useful functions I’d never have though of, support for importing WARdrobe renown specs and a preset function among others. I recommend everyone that respecs their renown more than once a year to grab this addon and turn a torturous ordeal into an every day affair. What developers can’t be arsed to fix, addon developers do. I only wish the community could start coding out the game bugs themselves.

Improving WAR’s performance

With the introduction of patch 1.4 and the RvR packs WAR has seen a considerable boost to its population. This, combined with ORvR overhaul doing the exact opposite of dispersing the zerg and a much greater frequency of massive keep funnels (as predicted) will make gameplay of many players suffer. Lag, frame rate drop, hitching/stuttering, warping and other heavy load anomalies can and will drive you crazy. Don’t worry though, as here is a short guide on how you can increase your client’s performance in those heavy load situations.

Aftermath of the kind of a battle your computer might blow up in.

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How to stop ninjaing crests

I see you. I watch you every time you set the auto roll for crests to need on all. You’ll shrug and go “You don’t seriously expect me to click pass each time an invader, warlord or royal crest drops and need on every doomflayer or warpforged?”. Of course the lowbie setting his to need on all will use the same argument, only with a hint of puppy eyes and a remark on how tough it is to get through life as a lowbie. Well no more being lazy. Here’s how to do others and yourself a favour, as karma is a bitch (and will come to bite you in the ass when you’d trade your grandmother for that gold bag). Continue reading