Support is dead. Long live support!

If you are a regular League of Legends player you’ll be aware of the fact that Riot has recently hit the support champions with the nerf hammer. Typically one of the champions picked for a team would be one that can support the team by shielding, CCing or healing (or all of those). But according to Riot the healing part was turning the bottom lane, where the support usually laned with an AD carry, into a boring farmfest that didn’t fit into their vision of the game. So they nerfed most of the support healing spells and replaced them with well, not much.


Godspeed side-boob unicorn.

There’s a twist →

Lol, Garen

Ok, ok I’ll stop with these bad LoL puns as titles. Only after this post though. It’s weird how I post the least about the game I’m playing the most, so I set out to remedy that. What follows is a bit of score flaunting but mostly just me explaining what I’ve been up to lately. And yeah, it has to do with Garen.

13/4/2 score with Garen.

Score flaunting starts here! What's interesting about this screenshot is not how I died way too many times due to being greedy, but the fact that I was allowed to go full dps (Infinity Edge rofl) and rocked.

Garen inside →

Splitting Europe

If you are an EU LoL player you’ll have many tales to share of trying to play the game in the past few weeks. The tales of three-hour queues, disconnects, sessions closed, busy servers, maintenances and being unable to exit a game. When I say tales I mean rants, whines, cursing and furious threatening with lawsuits, of course. I said Riot know what’s going on and are working on it and you didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe myself at one point. But lo and behold; an explanation and a solution:


Let’s start a Riot

Last week I wrote a bit about League of Legends and how I think the queues on the EU servers are a good thing. I still consider what I said to be correct, but at the same time I now realise what a permanent state of such bad service can do to the game. Let me show you what prompted today’s whine.

1 second queue that won't end.

The one second that lasts an eternity (literally, it wouldn't let me in).

Riot starting that way →

Just LoLing around

I have to apologise for the sporadic posting the last few days, but I’ve been quite busy. Every time I set aside some time for the blog I end up fiddling with the new theme and not posting anything. Speaking of which, I STILL NEED OPINIONS! The poll is in the main menu, please vote (and additional comments are welcome). And don’t say you don’t care because you do. Help me decide.

With that whine out of the way, let me fill you in on what I’ve been playing these days…

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