Rerouting all power to the shields has never been this easy

Recently a game called FTL: Faster Than Light came out. I decided beforehand that I don’t like it. I don’t particularly enjoy roguelike games, so it was a given that I wouldn’t like this one. So what if it has a space theme to it and is basically a simulation of captaining a space ship? Oh I was wrong…

Faster Than Light

Image lifted off Steam cause my craptop spazzes out when I printscreen.

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Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Just dropping in to point you all in the direction of an awesome game I’ve been playing. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it myself, if it wasn’t for a streamer, caster and entertainer called MAN (ooh would you look at that, someone I don’t hate) who started streaming it.

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Weekend Music Madness has taken a break this Friday, for unknown reasons (friends say it’s pretending to be ill in order to play WH 40k: Space Marine), but instead I bring you something else.

A cute, if slightly creepy and unnerving flash game called Hollow. It’s about headbutting things that want to eat you and falling into holes as a result of not seeing anything. It’s also incredibly atmospheric. Go play. (via RPS.)

As for WMM, we are going to have a serious talk once it comes in for work tomorrow. Rest assured that this transgression will not go unpunished.


No Weekend Music Madness today because, well frankly, you don’t deserve it. Have you done anything nice this week? Anything truly selfless and altruistic? You haven’t, have you? So no music for you. There there, it’s all right, calm down and stop crying. I’m sure you’ll do better next week. Here, have some free flash games instead.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

There are games that are played for relaxation, entertainment and just plain fun. Mainstream gaming largely falls into this category. You play those games everyday, you have fun, you relax. Then there are games that are meant to be experienced, savoured like aged wine or good ale. This is one such game. And boy, does it make me glad to be a gamer.

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Haiku Hero

Do you like Haiku? Do you even know what a Haiku is? Doesn’t matter. You can pretend you do and create your own with Haiku Hero. It’s very zen-y with its music, backgrounds and fonts. You’ll fit right in after a few tries. Here’s the best one I’ve made so far:

If I were a cow
I would tack stars on my butt
for cows expire fast

The pinnacle of Haiku poetry, I know. It’s a sort of existential poem about how cows ought to not waste their lives, because they can get butchered and eaten at any time. Maybe the cows are actually us. Or maybe I’m just hungry.