Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

I should try to make up an excuse to explain the absence of any writing on my blog, but I’ll do that some other time. Today, instead of the hugely popular weekend music madness, I’ll point you in the direction of another one of those flash games that can eat up your Friday.

You may remember Rebuild, a zombie survival sim I’ve raved quite a bit about. Now Armor Games have released a sequel – Rebuild 2, but it’s more like Rebuild 1.2. It’s basically the original formula but improved to include some additional RPG elements (each survivor can be named, has several stats, levels up and can be equipped with a single piece of equipment), has an improved UI, added music that’s incredibly atmospheric and a few new added goals and missions.

If you haven’t played it yet, I implore you to go do so now. If you have played the original, but want to see what the new version is about, I can assure you it’s still a fun way to pass an hour or so. I certainly did waste one just now, an hour that I could have spent on writing a blog post. So you see, it’s not my fault really…



Weekend Music Madness has taken a break this Friday, for unknown reasons (friends say it’s pretending to be ill in order to play WH 40k: Space Marine), but instead I bring you something else.

A cute, if slightly creepy and unnerving flash game called Hollow. It’s about headbutting things that want to eat you and falling into holes as a result of not seeing anything. It’s also incredibly atmospheric. Go play. (via RPS.)

As for WMM, we are going to have a serious talk once it comes in for work tomorrow. Rest assured that this transgression will not go unpunished.


No Weekend Music Madness today because, well frankly, you don’t deserve it. Have you done anything nice this week? Anything truly selfless and altruistic? You haven’t, have you? So no music for you. There there, it’s all right, calm down and stop crying. I’m sure you’ll do better next week. Here, have some free flash games instead.

Games that way →

Good things come in pairs

Evidence presented below:


Remember this little comic I posted in one of my early posts?

At the time I didn’t know who the creator of that gem was, as I had picked it off a forum post on the official forums, but later couldn’t find the thread. I tried asking around and even asked readers to post a comment if they know who it is, but I never found out. Until now. It’s kinda stupid really, since I stumbled on it while reading Karak Norn forums on WHA, something I don’t do very often. Turns out that the creator of the comic is, in fact, a Nornian and that he has many more comics from where the above one came from.

They’re made by Georgi Valchev, also known as Archexecutor, a Marauder (and a DoK) of Unnamed, also known as the inventor of “KER-BOMB!” (always in caps). I strongly recommend you check out his website, The Unnamed LULZ, for more WAR comic related hilarity.


There’s an awesome little flash game that just ate half my day called Rebuild. It’s basically a sim game about a zombie apocalypse – no, don’t leave! It’s quite good, I promise. It’s a bit like the recently released Atom Zombie Smasher (from what I played in the demo anyway), but less to do with the killing itself and more to do with managing the survivors, their food, recruitment, giving out attack orders and reclaiming territories.

It’s prodcedurally generated, which makes it’s quite random, but randomness works both ways, it can annoy the hell out of you or give you a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, have a go. I recommend starting at the harder modes because normal is just too easy. (via. RPS)


Haiku Hero

Do you like Haiku? Do you even know what a Haiku is? Doesn’t matter. You can pretend you do and create your own with Haiku Hero. It’s very zen-y with its music, backgrounds and fonts. You’ll fit right in after a few tries. Here’s the best one I’ve made so far:

If I were a cow
I would tack stars on my butt
for cows expire fast

The pinnacle of Haiku poetry, I know. It’s a sort of existential poem about how cows ought to not waste their lives, because they can get butchered and eaten at any time. Maybe the cows are actually us. Or maybe I’m just hungry.