This blog is a place where you can find my musings about Warhammer Online, other games, life, anything really. I’m a Europe based student, PC gamer and an avid MMO fan.

The title of the blog originates from a brilliant British TV series called Fawlty Towers, written by one of the famous Pythons, John Clesse and his wife Conny Booth. The sentence “Don’t mention ze war!” comes from an episode when the protagonist comes into contact with German customers, prior to which he was told he shouldn’t mention the war when talking to them, since that would upset them. John Clesse’s character has just escaped from the hospital though (after getting a nasty blow to the head by a moose trophy) and wasn’t quite right in the head at the time. Naturally, hillarity ensues.

You can watch that bit of the episode here, but I really implore you to watch the series, it’s one of the best of its time (or ever really).

Character list:

League of Legends: (retired)

Summoner name Blaqq, EU West/Nordic.

Warhammer Online: (retired)

Karak Norn:

  • Fastrada – RR82 Warrior Priest
  • Besni – RR78 Slayer
  • Tharagor – RR66 Runepriest
  • Ensiferum – RR57 Swordmaster
  • Blaq – RR55 Ironbreaker
  • Medhbh – RR45 White Lion
  • Nariya – RR42 Shadow Warrior

Karak Azgal

  • Phaymis – RR33 Marauder

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