Conspicuous Lack of Activity

These days it seems that whenever I get excited about a game the feelings end up fading away in the space of a few weeks. Unfortunately I am not a person that can ramble on about things I’m not passionate about. Return of Reckoning, albeit a formidable project with passionate individuals that still seems to be going strong, took a path in development that alienated the game from me. Around the same time I had to resume my duties as a pretend-adult and wrestle real-life responsibilities. Which naturally limited my free time and with it the willingness to spend energy on investment-heavy games.

So between masquerading as a human being, slaying rats in Vermintide, trying my best to weed out the pugs from the PuGs in vanilla WoW, mucking about in Hearthstone and trying not to get lost in the world of The Witcher 3 (which, as I’m sure everyone is aware, is an amazing game), there’s not much time left for passionate, late-night attempts at wit via keyboard hammering.

But fear not, soon I shall exact my sudden, yet inevitable betrayal of the human race and return to my night-dwelling ways full of passionate fantasies…

That might not have come out exactly right…

3 thoughts on “Conspicuous Lack of Activity

  1. I’m curious as to what the development decision that turned you off was.

    I enjoyed WAR back in the day, for a few months. Loved the class designs and the setting. The battle grounds were also a ton of fun, my favorite of any MMO I’ve played. However, most of the game outside of that I didn’t really enjoy. Most of the PvE was designed with huge populations in mind that simply weren’t present. And solo, it had some of the worst PvE I’ve ever played.

    • Well the initial goal of the project was to not only bring the game back in its former glory but to also improve on it. While the current team is doing well in that regard, the previous head GM’s proposals to alter the game on a more fundamental level and transform the RvR aspect of it into something more than just a numbers game got rejected by the players. It was something I was looking forward to as I believe it would have extended the game’s (and the project’s) potential life span by a lot more than what what the team is capable of on the level of developing new content.

      I’m not saying the project is ruined for me and I will probably return to it at some point but the turn it took definitely saddened me.

      If you’re looking for a WAR clone with a dedicated development team that actually listens to the players then ROR is a good (the only) choice. The game is definitely more streamlined and they’re slowly working on fixing the aspects of the game that were lacking in the original.

      • Based mainly on your blog, I do plan to check it out one day. It just hasn’t floated to the top of my to do list yet :-)

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