The Sneaky-Stabby Project

First of all, this has nothing to do with goblins. Yeah, I know, you’re disappointed, I know! Don’t forget to grab all the muck you brought in here with you on the way out. Thanks!

I had the clever idea of investigating one of the closest mirrors in the game, the Witch Hunter and the Witch Elf. Granted I didn’t come up with this up specifically for the sake of experimenting and feeling out the differences of the two for myself, it was mostly something for the sake of having fun on two careers that appeal to me. This is how the journey begins…

I’ve always been a solo player to a certain extent and these two careers are the epitome of solo play. The Witch Hunter oozes with flavour and the kind of character and feel that would him fit neatly as the protagonist of a single player game, that’s how satisfying playing one is at times.

The Witch Elf on the other hand has been the source of many of my frustrations, those feelings being equaled only by how cool I thought the gameplay of the career was when I was watching videos of the famous Witch Elf players during my time on the retail servers. Perhaps not equaled in flavour to the Witch Hunter, the gameplay just seems more fluid and intuitive compared to them.

My T3 WH

Only 32 and already looking good!

So I went ahead, put some time into getting over the hurdle that is T1 since the two careers really don’t get to shine until late T3 and the result of one of the efforts can be seen above. That fine-looking, colour coordination-challenged Sir has been very satisfying to play through T3 and is now waiting for the Ruin bags to be fixed (slight hiccup) before entering T4. I have to say that even though the lower levels have been a bit of a struggle all of it has been worth it for the last few levels in T3, where I could melt anything in a matter of seconds by utilising the incredibly strong Pistol Whip (PW) and Burn Away Lies (BaL). There is nothing more satisfying than ambushing a target, cracking them over the head with the butt of a pistol, stylishly stabbing them for a bit, sticking BaL on them and walking away while they run around in panic, stare at the sky contemplating their life or chugging down healing potions only to get devoured in roaring flames and keel over a second later. Because cool guys don’t look at explosions. My only regret is that the sunglasses aren’t available as an in-game item anymore.

I realise T4 will be a struggle once again but I am determined not to get discouraged. My aim is to reach RR40 and hopefully find a good group to run some small-scale with. I want to see for myself how the career performs in group PvP, determined to try to make the best of it.

Meanwhile my Witch Elf is barely out of T1 and I’m already skeptic over her performing as well as the Witch Hunter does in lower tiers but I’m sure I’m not seeing the full picture by simply glancing over the abilities and masteries available later on. Regardless, leveling continues. I will do a full write-up once I have had my share of battling in T4, perhaps even a video showcasing my failings with both, who knows…


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