Addon Armory: Tidy Roll

Addon Armory bannerA new year, a new incoherent post by yours truly. It’s time for more user interface streamlining and today I’ll showcase a sleek, minimalistic and incredibly handy addon that replaces the default loot window monstrosity. Now if any of this post seems familiar don’t fret, you aren’t going senile. I have recycled some of it from my previous rambling about Tidy Roll back in the year of 2010. After all, I am mindful of the environment and recycling is the first step to a greener earth (and also gives me more free time to kill stuff)!

Addon name: Tidy Roll
Creator: Raidez
Category: Items, Inventory, Interface
Dependencies: None
Relevant commands: /troll (brings up the configuration window)

One of the major flaws of WAR’s default interface is how cumbersome most of it is. It feels like a lot of it was implemented without proper testing and quality assessment. The default loot window is a monstrosity that should never have escaped the beta version of the game. It’s bulky, despite being very poor at offering information, doesn’t scale with the amount of loot actually being distributed and has zero customization options.

Default Loot Window

What is this monstrosity and why is it taking up half my screen!?

Then there’s Tidy Roll, a well thought-out addon that is a complete antithesis of the default loot window. It’s compact but still informative, scales very neatly and is highly customizable. It also offers auto rolling options which you can configure yourself, in addition to automatically rolling on tokens you can simply drag and drop any item and select to always pass, greed or need on it.

Tidy Roll window

This screenshot showcases Tidy Roll options and Custom Auto Roll windows, where you can drag and drop items to set automatic rolling on them. The small item windows on the right with career icons is an example of what the addon looks like by default during normal gameplay with the options windows closed.

The best thing about Tidy Roll is that it simplifies rolling during combat, as it will bring up a comparison window of your relevant equipped items for quick decisions. It also features customizable one-click looting, with the default settings being left-click for need, right-click for greed and middle-click for pass. Those can be swapped around, have modifier keys appended to them and the ESC key that is unbound by default can be bound to a function. Quick and simple!

I encourage everyone to download this addon because of how much it improves the game experience. No configuring needed since the addon work flawlessly out-of-the-box but I would advise you to simplify your gaming and set up some looting automation.

Download it all here:

(All credit for the RoR modified CustomAutoRoll.lua goes to wargrimnir)

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