Addon Armory: Miracle Grow Remix

I’m starting a new series of posts where I’ll be highlighting any Return to Reckoning compatible addons that I find borderline mandatory. As much as we all love Mythic we know they often ran out of time for polishing. However players often have free time on their hands that they enjoy pouring into polishing their favourite game and creating weapons fellow players can use to smash heads with!

Today’s addon is aimed at simplifying cultivating. The cynical dwarf reader might scoff and mutter something about how cultivating is for Elgis and a greenskin might pose the question of “Iz CULTIVATIN’ sumfink ta bash stunties wif?”. I understand the confusion, how does cultivating help me smash heads? Let me elaborate; potions make you stronger in combat and to create those you need plants you get from cultivating. But cultivating takes time, all that clicking through different plots, watching your timers and keeping stock of all the plants, seeds, mushrooms and reagents can make the head of even the greenest of Shaman explode. But don’t worry; read below on how to simplify the whole process.

Addon name: Miracle Grow Remix (MGRemix)
Creator: Irinia of Volkmar
Category: Crafting, Cultivating
Dependencies: Ira Config, Crafting Info Tooltip (both by Irinia of Volkmar)
Relevant commands: /mgremix (brings up the configuration window)

The default WAR cultivating window has four plots and requires a click to open a close each, additional clicks for adding soil, nutrients and water, all of which can only be added by dragging and dropping them from your bags. Managing timers is very difficult as you need to open the big interface to see them, with only a chat message connected to plot advancement, which by itself can become quite spammy.

Addon's default look. The first number is the time remaining in the current stage and the second one is total time remaining.

Addon’s default look. The first number is the time remaining in the current stage and the second one is total time remaining.

Miracle Grow Remix eliminates most of these drawbacks. Seeds and additives for each individual plot are selected from a drop-down menu of all the usable ingredients in your bags. Your choices can be automatically repeated after a completed flowering with the click of a button. Automatic reaping of plants for the purpose of gathering seeds can be enabled in the settings in addition to specifying what stock to keep. All actions and events are accompanied by an audio cue and to top it all off, it comes in a neat, highly customizable package.

Sure the dependencies list is a bit daunting for those trying to keep their addon folder tidy and their addon list comprehensible (especially with not many other addons using these dependencies) but installing them is worth it, trust me. And while I normally steer clear of addons that automate game features this is one of the exceptions. Cultivating is dull and streamlining it doesn’t give me a direct advantage over the opposition.

One of the setting windows.

One of the settings windows.

If you want to be able to cultivate even in the thickest of fights you should do yourself a favour and install Miracle Grow Remix. At the end of the day you do need those potions, how else are you going to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women?

Download it all here:


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