Neverwinter and PvP

I have been playing a bit of D&D Neverwinter MMO (I swear it’s only a bit, I’m level 13) and I wrote up several paragraphs about the game. But then deleted it because I realised that the facts important to me can easily be summed up in a few words. So here it is.

DDN (as I’ve inexplicably decided to abbreviate it) in its current form will never be an enjoyable PvP game for me. The reason for that is quite simple in concept if a bit obscure and difficult to pinpoint. It is twofold;

  1. You are grounded for most spell cast animations, you cannot move while casting even though most spells are instant.
  2. Despite the game having a dodge system with its own resource you can not cancel any animations with it. This is especially annoying since the animation for the third autoattack hit in every class combo takes forever to complete.

This means the combat is in a strange place between being real-time and turn based (only by feel). The best features of both are taken away, the adrenaline reactionary play of real-time combat and the strategic planning of turn based combat. Let me elaborate.

Cleric frying an Ogre's ass

One of the few abilities that allow you to move while casting as a cleric.

If you want to react to your opponent with your own abilities or attacks you’ll be unable to dodge their attacks (despite the game obviously accentuating dodging) because most of the time you’ll still be stuck in casting animations, having used abilities after them. The best plan seems to be to either not engage in reactionary play at all, just throwing abilities at each other until someone dies or to only dodge and never use abilities or attack, which obviously doesn’t serve much purpose as you’re going to die anyway from stray hits or unavoidable abilities (large AoE abilities for example).

I wish I were wrong, so tell me not everyone feels this way.


2 thoughts on “Neverwinter and PvP

  1. I had very low expectations for this game, I have just started playing and I haven’t reached level 15 yet. There are many things I have yet to try but I can’t see myself playing Neverwinter more than occasionally, more or less because of the same reasons you’re exposing.

    There are things I like: for example, that you can distribute your abilities, I like the feats, the skills and the paragon classes. I like the UI but annoys me that I have to press alt to navigate with the cursor – though I am getting used to it.

    I can see a lot of potential on this game, specially with the Foundry. But that would only satisfy my appetite for PvE, my hunger for PvP is always bigger.

    I am still waiting for a game that makes me feel what DAoC made me feel in the frontiers back in the day.

    • There are definitely things I like about DDN but most of them are connected to PvE (foundry mostly). I guess it was a bit too much to expect PvP from an MMO that has Neverwinter in its title.

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