A quote a day…

…makes you not remember any of them. So here’s a single one I liked that I can guarantee you haven’t read yet. Since there’s not much content on here anyways, I figured I can at least use it for my own amusement.

this is what the wonders of the internet has brought us. people too stupid to absorb any of the knowledge at their fingertips, and instead using the technology to broadcast their stupidity to others.

This quote was brought to you by a random (but very wise) person called sesshin in response to all the stupid shit you can see on twitter/facebook (more particularly to people expressing their amazement at the fact that Titanic was a real ship and not only a movie).

And of course, remembering that all of my posts are longer than you could possibly imagine given the subject at hand, here’s a bit of my usual preachy crap.

Please, use all the knowledge and resources the internet offers. Can’t remember that one french existentialist guy who wrote incredibly boring novels? Easy, write it down and look it up on Wikipedia when you have time. Bam, Albert Camus.* Someone asks you if you’ve seen that non-sense movie with a woman’s eyeball being slit? How hard is it to google that? Bam, you have a youtube link with the whole thing!** Suddenly get reminded of that super annoying and stupid song from the Kill Bill trilogy while listening to today’s pop? Yes, using youtube is incredibly hard***

The point I’m trying to make here (convolutedly, I know) is that if you ever wonder about anything at all (and I mean anything), remember it or write it down. Next time you are bored, look it up, it doesn’t take long and it’s not difficult. It certainly is more deserving of your time than surfing FB or tweeting around like a twat. Anything that can be translated into a video, picture or text, is on the internet. Fucking use it. Knowledge is power.

And if you never wonder about anything, then you are a moron and get off my fucking internet.

* To be honest I don’t really know if he’s that boring, I only read The Stranger. Well most of it. Okay, half.
** It’s bullshit, don’t watch it.
*** I like the song, ok? It’s certainly better than anything else on the radio these days…

Sigh, this post makes me look like I’m 70 years old, at least.


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