“I have one gear: GO”

Wow, I didn’t expect my last post to kick up such a fuss. In hindsight, I probably should have. Considering I criticised TotalBiscuit, a man infamous for his inability to receive criticism (as a number of incidents in his SC2 shoutcasting career show), I probably shouldn’t be flattered that my post hit home. Regardless of whether it’s really the aforementioned character flaw that drove TotalBiscuit and his flock of fans to frothing fury or this was just a part of intentionally generated drama intended to gain publicity (any kind of publicity is good publicity?), I feel like I should respond to some of the complaints.

First of all I should apologise for not responding sooner. I don’t check this blog as often as I used to since I put it in stasis and I’m not really a fan of twitter either. I did approve most of the sensible comments on the last post and if you feel I’ve deleted any that I shouldn’t have, send me an email.

The general view seems to be that I’m an avid Wrath of Heroes player and a Mythic fanboy (phrased mildly). I really don’t see how anyone who actually bothered to read my post could draw that conclusion. In the text I link to another one of my posts where I criticise (as constructively as I am able) the game I’m supposedly a fanboy of. You could say that the general impression is less than favourable. In the “wall of text” I even explain that after the initial excitement I found the game lacking, strangely enough most of it is similar to TB’s complaints, although I would argue that my post is much more constructive, contains much less bile and still manages to focus on the severity of the problems the game has.

As for being a Mythic fanboy, I really didn’t expect someone to call me that. I’ve never played DAoC. While it’s true that I stuck with WAR for a long time I eventually lost hope in the developer and quit. Currently I don’t consider WAR to be a good MMO and can’t see it ever becoming something I’d want to play again. Needless to say, I don’t have much hope in Mythic as a game developer. Considering the fact that I have never been featured on the Mythic blogroll despite blogging about WAR for a good year, I think it’s safe to assume they feel the same way about my blogging.

With that out of the way, let me give you a rundown of how and why the previous post was created. Firstly, I watched TotalBiscuit’s “WTF is Wrath of Heroes”. Secondly, I got pissed off because of the reasons I mentioned in the controversial “wall of text”. Thirdly, I wrote about it on my blog. It should all be clear up to this point.

The purpose of the post was to express my distaste of TB’s inability (or unwillingness) to distance himself from the game he was previewing and attempt to look at it objectively, instead of “spewing bile and venom”. Two important points have been raised here in the comments that I feel I should address.

A lot of people kept repeating that his previews aren’t reviews and should not be treated as such. I hope the claim being made here isn’t that previews are free from bonds of objectivity (attempted objectivity, that is), because I believe that to be wrong. Even if the WTF series are previews, they shouldn’t be a free form of “anything goes” if the creator wants them to be treated as such. But perhaps I was right in claiming the series is intended purely as entertainment and not as a reviews, previews or any other form of gaming journalism. Even if that were true, I still feel a figure of the community with a sizeable following should at least attempt objectivity when presenting a game to a wider audience. But that’s just me.

That brings me to the next point, the people’s inability or unwillingness to understand my subjectivity regarding TotalBiscuit and my (subjective) opinion that his reviews or previews (perhaps falsely categorised, as I explained above) should be more objective. Let me explain.

I’m not attempting to write an assessment of TB’s work or career. I am merely giving my opinion and explaining my feelings about a creator of Youtube videos. The post was not intended to discuss TotalBiscuit as a person. It was merely a diary type entry by a frustrated gamer, and is as such subjective by nature. I am not a journalist of Gamestop writing an article with the headline “Person A is a terrible reviewer!”. I do not write articles for the general public. I don’t get paid for blogging, this is my hobby. You can look for objectivity in my attempts at game reviews, where I believe it is needed. I’ll be happy about any constructive comments about a lack thereof.

I’ll reiterate to make it clear; I don’t see a problem with me, a hobbyist blogger, being subjective when explaining my dislike of a professional’s bias where I feel that bias is unjustified. Because I don’t want to be misunderstood (although that’s bound to happen), I’ll give you a simple example. “Hello X, I do not like you. I believe you are not objective enough in your work. Sincerely yours, Amateur.”

The above makes me wonder why the hell did TotalBiscuit, after getting reports from his “sources” that a tiny blog is writing about him, feel the need to send droves of his “followers” to defend him. If the answer is to protect his reputation, I fear his reputation would have better been protected if he just ignored my opinion instead of choosing to be offended by it.

Unfortunately for him, I’m not easily offended. I certainly don’t feel offended when someone accuses me of being a fanboy and a biased amateurish blogger (whether directly, through their followers or as implied insults). Because I’m fine with that. If I decide to become a journalist and write a piece on how bad TotalBiscuit is at previewing games, I’ll be sure to send him a copy.

I hope you had fun reading this wall-of-text. I hope you make the best of reading between the lines, developing conspiracy theories, putting words in my mouth, screaming with glee at the drama and generally getting your knickers into a bunch.

As a piece of advice to TotalBiscuit himself; I would suggest you ignore this post. Despite what I said about publicity, you seems to be getting the shorter end of the stick here. Unless it’s all fun and games that is. In which case it’s all right.

PS: I forgot to address the claims that I’m wrong about TotalBiscuit only supporting big developers. I never made that claim. What I wrote was that he only seems to bring out his bag of entertaining bias when he’s playing a game people love to hate (not a favourite of the community) or one that isn’t backed by a big corporation. Given the current favouritism and resurgence of indie projects (which is great, don’t get me wrong) I would be fairly comfortable with putting indie titles into the crowd’s favourites basket, as long as they get noticed. The bottom line is that snarky comments, bias and negativity come out when it suits the creator of the content.


29 thoughts on ““I have one gear: GO”

    • Making assumptions based on nothing. Nice going. “Amateurish” at what? The success of TB is undenyable.
      Anyway, this Blogger is funny because he thinks his opinions matter. The internet gives many the illusion that they matter….and he still doesn’t get what the WTF series is about. The game does not involve any skill or much effort on the side of the developers. I don’t see anything good in it, no value.

    • @ Kwijbo (IE Goon #1) Pretty simple statement. You can tell a great deal about someone by their fan base and what your interest would be in them. E.G. I don’t have to listen to any of Nickleback when i can see statements from fans and assume it’s douchy.

      @Daeken (IE Goon #2) Blaq isn’t his or anyone else’s here icon (present company excluded of course). He is blogger, so are any of the people you see with that yellow highlighted name. Each of us have probably been in heated arguements about something. Each of us earning each other’s mutual respect with criticism and growing in our expression.

      @Cymen (IE Goon #3) Read first bullet. Secondly, Amateurish could be in the fact that you all are just commenters. You don’t even have a profile to comment with. You just send an anonymous post with a crap name, and force the blogger to have to approve your comment through his/her phone or computer. You are equivalently buying a newspaper, disagreeing with an article and writing your rebutal in red ink on the newspaper. As much as a blogger is a no body, I’m pretty sure the anonymous commenter is even less so.

      “The internet gives many the illusion that they matter” Not sure if you need a mirror to hear yourself. Clearly rereading your own words is also not getting through.

  1. Actually, TB seems to think your blog entry was just pathetic and laughable. Same as this one.

    I’m inclined to agree with him.

    And it’s very obvious that he touched a nerve with his WoH “WTF is…”, so there’s really no point in denying it. Otherwise, what was that blog entry in aid of?

    No matter how you try, this is a “battle” you lost the moment you opened your blog-hole. I suggest you give it up before TB’s armada comes around, and swallows you whole.

  2. Apparently the angry guy from yesterday wrote another novel about me. The fact that I’m making him waste hours of his life on this is funny

    TB’s response to your blog, How we all laughed at you

  3. It’s sad how you say it’s ok for you to be biased because you’re just a normal person. And what exactly would you say TB is? Isn’t he a normal person just like you? Don’t he have a right to be just as biased as you do?

    Stop being a dick and grow some balls.

  4. I don’t really understand your critisism of his objectivity. I have watched that video myself and there was no harsh hate on the game. He just said that the game required absolutely no skill (and him being a bad gamer as you said in your previous post) proves this to an even greater extent. If someone who is bad at games thinks that a game is easy, how easy is it for a “good” gamer? Anyway, that’s pretty much beside the point.

    The game is in beta and if a game is really bad why try to sugar coat it? There wasn’t a lack of objectivity he just made it clear that the game was bad and everyone has a personal taste, that is why complete objectivity can’t be reached. I take it that you have read a review sometime, reviews are there to show a gamer of any taste how “good” the game is, but it is quite impossible to get someone who really dislikes a type of game to get him to just suddenly like it because a reviewer says that it’s good. Do you understand my point? Objectivity is fictious, there’s no way to actually reach it and subjectivity will always be a factor in whatever work you, whether it’s journalism or just a hobby.

    You say that people have been putting words in your mouth and heh, if you’ve ever read TotalBiscuit’s twitter you would be completely sure that his “reputation” is not something he’s trying to conserve. You realise that you were a complete hypocrite when you wrote “I hope you had fun reading this wall-of-text. I hope you make the best of reading between the lines, developing conspiracy theories, putting words in my mouth, screaming with glee at the drama and generally getting your knickers into a bunch.” First of all it seems like you felt the need to defend yourself, and with that paragraph you just did the same thing you claim people did with you, turning you into some “TB-hater” and “Mythic fanboy”. Instead you made the entire fanbase of TotalBiscuit a rabid group of tweens, think about this the next time you write a blog post.

    Hope I will get some mail or something when you respond because this was quite a wall as well.

  5. ” I probably shouldn’t be flattered that my post hit home.” Who’s the dick now? That’s one of the stupidest things you can say. Get your ego out of it and go on with your life.

    Of course people are going to defend him. It’s the internet for gods sake. You are the one who’s wrong here. These people are only here to correct your errors. “Oh but I’m just telling my opinion” Yeah, so is TB. Just because he has a large audience, doesn’t mean he can’t have opinions or that he should praise games that don’t deserve it. I personally trust TB’s opinion more than random “professional” previews. Why? Because TB isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

    Lastly, a cheap shot, but I think you’ve deserved it. You, sir, are more of a dick than Dick Tracy

    PS. TB has done so freaking much to the gaming community and especially indie companies. Every first impression video he does, gives the game more sales. No ponder over that before posting another opinion bashing someone else having opinions.

  6. TB does have a massive attitude. The post script is just plain wrong, however. His integrity is probably one of his main qualities, and he cares very little for the public opinion or if games are aaa titles when he does these reviews. Lately he has bashed Skyrim, CoD MW 3 and BF 3 for being lacking.

  7. I think the reason that post caused so much of a fuss was because it came off as a personal attack on Totalbiscuit more than a criticism of his work. His fans probably felt protective, much like anyone would be if they heard someone bad-mouth a friend (which ruffles feathers even in a non-professional setting).

    It’s a shame some responded without completely understanding your post.

  8. sup. agin im 100% sure he dont need any of he’s fanboy’s to defend him i think you shuld be happy he did not say anything himself, he is more than caple of defending himself. the reson he posted it is becouse, what you wrote was so damn funny, that you dont understand what he is doing, and then complain about it. im sorry but if you are going to complain about some1 make the complain valible and get your fact stright.

    have a good day and i wish you good luck

  9. You should approve the comment I left earlier, you know, the one saying that you’re full of shit.

    For that matter you should have approved the one I left on your last post that said the same thing.

    Stop being a pussy and approve all of the comments like mine that are speaking out against you. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but you won’t allow people who disagree with you to speak theirs.

    • Sorry for not approving comments, but I was busy and didn’t really have time to go through them (I still don’t but had to reply to this one because it’s special). I deleted your comment because it’s a one liner claiming that I’m full of shit. When you care to elaborate on that, I’ll let it through for sure.

  10. Haha – I make youtube video’s to an audience of approximately 10 people, all of whom I know in real life. TB made one of his videos in which he insults me and dares to accuse me of featuring Skyrim “for profit”. The first I knew of this was when his hordes of Something Awful gimps descended on my videos, generally attempting to bully me off the air – I got well over 1000 hits a day and 600-700 insulting comments a day.

    He then, perhaps no more than a week later made a video trying to claim that he is very conscious of his audience and never encourages them to mob small websites/youtube video producers!!! I don’t think he knows how dim his audience really are!

    I feel for you, if he doesn’t leave you alone it can be a rough ride. Only this second he’s made yet another anti-skyrim comment, which means yet another wave of weenies on my channel!

    Still, good thing – I’ve found your blog, consider me a regular from this point on, I’ve had a read through lots of your stuff and I really like it!

    • Hey, sorry for not replying, been busy with holidays and whatnot.

      I was quite familiar with how TB reacted to criticism and interacted with the community, the attention my post got really shouldn’t have surprised me, or anyone for that matter. But that doesn’t mean we should stop criticising or writing about it. I didn’t take the backlash negatively, in fact it was rather exciting. Publicity and attention are always good.

      Thanks for the compliments. :)

  11. Hi Blaq. Long time. I was out in Decmember so I didn’t see your glory.

    Firstly, I applaud your 2 posts. Amazing. Taking directly on a major tool bag with out your own support of goonies.

    I’m also very surprised on the amount of comments from Die-Hards for TB. Also very surprised that not one of them is either a blogger nor a member to even have a profile. Quick question if you feel like going into your dashboard for me. Are all these seemingly same type of people posting with different IPs? WP now let’s you see them from your commenter. I’m wonder how many of Jeff/Paul/Johns aren’t just the same tool. Their responses are almost in the same syntax of … my writing style (IE retarded). :D Just wondering, from 1 hated to the next.

      • What do you mean? My gravatar works on my blog and yours, not my fault. :P

        Maybe you need to switch the default picture?

    • Well, my posts really weren’t meant as an assault on anyone, because strangely enough if tomorrow I post on my blog about how much I hate Brad Pitt and his acting, Brad Pitt won’t be tweeting about it, sending his fans to my website or threatening with taking down the blog the day after. I was expressing an opinion, as hobbyist bloggers do, and someone took it as an assault on his public persona. Not much I can do about that.

      As for your question, no the comments are all from unique IPs (well the ones that I went through, I gave up replying half way through). I deleted the one line comments of people telling me how much I suck and such, but the average quality of the comments was still quite low, unfortunately. That’s hate for you.

  12. I’m just a lurker but I agree with you, Blaq, 100%. TB is just a giant [moron] contradiction, whats [pitiful] funny is that he thinks by acknowledging its allll good but its funny because he doesn’t actually understand what hes contradicting. I don’t actually know a single intelligent specimen who respects the moron and every single one of his ‘fans’ behave with below standard intellect. He is pretty much the Family Guy of the podcasters lol. What does get to me though is his absurd use of outdated British stereotypes, I remember when I use to watch his videos (you know, before the single few days it took to see what a tool he was) he couldn’t go far without reminding the [american] audience that he is British, and seems to think TopHats and tea are what we British do (manchild much?). For that matter, his only accomplishment seems to be being a f*ckwit, but seeing as that is a negative thing he decided to instead label himself after his nationality….thats right, lacking any real accomplishments he had to opt to labelling himself after a quality he had no control over, and then fail to get even that right. No doubt if he saw this comment he will tweet about it, oh the hour of his life that will be wasted just leaves me flustered! Considering he moronically showed that it takes him ‘hours’ to read a few paragraphs, which he sees as a ‘novel’ due in part to his lack of creative stimuli.

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