Excitement of Heroes

I’ve just decided that whenever I write about Wrath of Heroes, I’ll use an “Emotion of Heroes” titling format. Make it so.

I’ve had the chance to play WoH beta for about five hours during the last playtest. Let me tell you it’s fast, furious and fun. It’s obvious the game is still in the beta stage, as there are many problems that need to be addressed and things that need to be fleshed out or added into the game. But if Mythic manage to do that better than they did with WAR (and not launch it prematurely), WoH could become for MMOs what LoL is for DotA games.

PS: Here’s my reaction to Mythic’s decision to only announce playtest dates over  Facebook and Twitter, and not actually use the WoH homepage:

PSS: I’m really fuzzy on the state of NDA, so if this is a breach you’re free to ban me Mythic. Go ahead, it builds character.

PSSS: Here’s a video endorsed by Mythic showing the game in action:


5 thoughts on “Excitement of Heroes

    • “Pretty sure” doesn’t cut it if they decide to sue me. Not that they would of course, but a ban is an easy thing to administer. :)

      I haven’t actually found any official announcement about the NDA after a quick search, only that it’s coming down (or changing) soon.

  1. Firefly reference FTW. Good luck on the not-being-sued thing… you’re actually giving me hope for this game (I had previously abandoned hope for it…)!

    But yeah… I don’t have a facebook, and don’t follow twitter so… poor choice on playtesting promotions. Mythic Fail.

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