You are most likely aware of the fact that some beasts (and plants) hibernate over winter. I, on the other hand, seem to be getting busier the closer winter gets. These days I hardly have the time or the opportunity to play any games at all, bar a few LoL matches with my friends. It’s hard to keep blogging about something you are no longer actively involved in, which means that, as you might have already noticed, the activity on the blog will go down the gutter.

I’m not going to close down the blog entirely because it can still serve a purpose in the future (plus I fancy keeping the posts online). Besides, I might occasionally feel the urge to ramble incessantly or the need to comment on the happenings in the gaming world and where shall I turn to then? No sensible, self-respecting website would have me (rightfully so).

I’ll probably still write a post every two weeks or so, but don’t count on me continuing the critically acclaimed Weekend Music Madness series or finishing the other series I’ve been trying to wrap up for months (*cough*dragons*cough*). It’s probably for the best, you could get spoiled from such good entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that I got invited into Wrath of Heroes closed beta, just after the last round of tests ended. I don’t even know if there will be another round or when, but I’m quite sure I won’t have the time or the means available to me in order to partake in them. Well done, Mythic.

Sleep well, friends. See you on the other end.


6 thoughts on “Hibernation

      • I’ll let that Spain comment slide even though I shouldn’t. We haven’t driven out the spaniards out of here countless times to be called Spanish you know!

        Doesn’t feel like winter, tbh. Until last week temperatures were around 30ºC. Which means you could go out in jeans and a t-shirt and be sweating profusely after ten minutes of casual strolling.

        But YES! I love the cold! Most active time of the year! WOOO!!!

      • Well, it was like that till about two weeks ago where I live too, but now it’s getting damn cold.

        Sorry for calling you Spanish. I should have known better. You are free to punish me by hunting me down in any game I play. :D

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