Weekend Music Madness

A wild WMM appears! It uses Good Music. It’s super effective!

I was honestly going to move on to “harder” music, but then I remembered I’m neglecting a whole sub-genre of metal that I used to listen to a metric ton. I’m talking about symphonic/speed/power metal, which I’ve recently rediscovered and have been enjoying more than I ought to. It seems like this series is slowly turning from “Six Walks in the Musical Woods” into “Blaq rediscovering long-lost music and screaming gleefully about it”. Which isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, but probably quite a disturbing experience for anyone else. Not that I care about such trivialities, there’s no stopping me (sorry, too much Queen)!

I know there will always be naysayers (especially with this genre) with thoughts like “Oh, but power metal is all the same!” or “This is just gibberish played very fast on a guitar!”. To which my reply is: no one is forcing you to stay. With that out of the way, onwards, to glory and power and naked women! And tea.

The band that started it all for me was Rhapsody (or as they are known now; Rhapsody of Fire). Sure, they’re Italian and the accent of the lead singer is sometimes hard to get past, but they have one of the most talented songwriters, composers and arrangers in the business – Luca Turilli, which makes for some excellent music. Plus, all of their themes are fantasy ones. Can’t go wrong with a fantasy theme for the geek inside. Oh look, swords: Emerald Sword by Rhapsody of Fire.

You can’t really talk about power metal without mentioning DragonForce and Herman Li’s guitar shredding. Contrary to the popular belief, they don’t speed up their songs and can play them properly live. But here’s one piece they apparently don’t play live (which doesn’t make it any less awesome) – Cry for Eternity by DragonForce.

Then there’s HammerFall, which apparently aren’t even a power metal band. Those drums sound awfully similar to the power metal ones to me, but what do I know. Regardless, I like them. I shall not be stopped, you hear me! Last Man Standing by HammerFall.

Bonus: Now, I haven’t listened to this next band as much as the ones above, but I’ve listened to them enough to know that some of their songs are unbelievably good. This one for example: Twillight Symphony (live) by Startovarius.

Stay safe and as always, have an awesome weekend.


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