7 thoughts on “Playing LoL in Different Regions

    • No, it was an old account I had back from beta (which I never played) that I forgot about. Played a bit on it and funny enough, have a Corki + UFO skin on it and Rammus + King Rammus skin as a reward from being in the beta. xD

      I’ll be playing on it when I feel like smurfing a bit. :>

    • You should be able to, as Riot aren’t blocking SA region IPs. Just make sure to signup for an account in the right region. But if you are having problems you should check your firewall/ISP incase it’s blocking connecting to EU IPs.

    • No sorry, that kind of transfer from EU to NA isn’t available yet (although it might be in the future). You’ll have to make a new account.

    • Sure you can, there are two ways to accomplish this;
      A. Plane
      B. Boat

      A third option, “Train,” is currently unavailable due to platform limitations. Hope this helps!

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