I keep seeing people flaming and harassing individuals or groups of people who express their love for this game or that. I’ve had enough.

Say you are a Call of Duty fan that loves playing it on your Xbox 360. You might experience fans of PC FPS games bullying you. Or maybe you’re a Rift player and wherever you go, there’s that one guy who starts ranting about how Rift is a WoW ripoff, an inferior game and how you are a moron for playing it. Try to make a LoL post on any forum and there’ll be heaps of people spitting all over it, about how it’s inferior to DotA, HoN or any other DotA-like. Commence flame wars.

This isn’t only limited to gaming, it’s rampant in music too. Why do they do this? Why does a large majority of people feel the need to diminish and criticise things that others love? If you love listening to metal, there’s no need to flame the hell out of the guy who loves techno. As long as they aren’t downright forcing you to listen to their music, there is no need to criticise their tastes. Because it’s their taste, not yours. It’s none of your frigging business.

This is somewhat connected with my attempts to educated the MMO community (now isn’t that ambitious?) in critical thinking and turning them from fanboys into fans. Jumping on the fanboy bandwagon of hate isn’t being a fan. Showing your love for something by expressing your dislike of something else isn’t being a fan. Being a fan is looking at a game/band/genre with a critical eye and loving it even after recognising their flaws.

As with gaming, there is no moral precedence or belief (ok, some religious people are nuts) that would compel you to say anything bad about games other people love. If you don’t like something, there’s no need to express your dislike, as long as their hobby doesn’t hurt you. Love your game and let others love theirs.


5 thoughts on “Tolerance

    • Hm, you are probably right, it does have something to do with anonymity. There are cases of people being dicks without a reason IRL, but not nearly as many.

      But what I’m talking about isn’t exactly trolling or being a massive dick, but rather about how perfectly normal and nice people feel the need to express their love for something by flaming something else. Which is very rampant at the moment, especially in gaming. And I hate it.

      • It isn’t about anonymity.. that’s an easy excuse for trolling, but Blaq made a valid example when referring to music.

        It’s within many people, maybe even in everyone just with a different characteristic.. you want to belong to a group (people playing the same game, hearing same music, fans of the same football club, etc..) and within a group there will always be people who want to make a quality statement, because they belong to a group and want to express that/how/why they are better than some other group. Even if there is no need for making such statements. This is not related to the internet.. it’s human and as that there always be some people who carry that rivalry or comparisons too far. Those people then have the problem to let the others have their own tastes.

        In gaming and internet this is just a bit emphazised, because you as a blog reader are more used to reading this stuff here, but just look at football and the fan culture’s the same thing (even before internet existed and it’s only to some part because of anonymity)..people get bullied for supporting the “wrong” stuff, just because it’s different. In the internet it may be just a little bit shifted, because the trolls can get really vocal, but in general I wouldn’t say that it’s different to other fan cultures.. people are people .. no matter if they are on the internet or not;)

      • I think you hit the nail on the head there Karic.

        Every person’s self esteem partially depends on what groups they are a part of. But just being a part of a group isn’t enough, the group’s influence or reputation directly affects people’s perceived status and self confidence. Which is why they feel the need to show the world their group is better than any other group and the easiest way to do so is to prove that other groups are inferior, by stating how bad they are. Simply because criticising is much easier than finding positive things to focus on.

        So instead of showing the world how awesome WoW is by celebrating it’s strenghts, they’d rather show how awesome WoW is by trying to find negative sides of any other MMO (just an example). Because it’s easier.

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