One of these days…

…I’m going to write a good post. I promise. Just not today…

I have to admit that I find myself struggling to write anything at all these days. I don’t like blogging about myself, my view of the world or any other random nonsense (though gaming nonsense works). Which means that when I’m not playing anything exciting, not only do I not have anything to blog about, but I also never think about gaming subjects at all (which usually compels me to write a post). You probably realise that this can be quite an issue when you’re trying to blog regularly.

But I can’t really blame the lack of games for my inactivity. There are plenty of quality games out there to blog about, the problem is that none of them really catch my attention. If they do, there’s not much of that “blog about me!” feel around them.

For instance, I’m still logging in League of Legends here and there, but not nearly as much as I used to. Mostly because I feel like I’ve hit a cap where I can’t improve my gameplay much more, except for getting used to more champions (some of which I just can’t stomach). This isn’t because I’d have reached the skill ceiling of the game (not that it’s that high, mind you), but because without some solid people to play with, ie. a team, I can’t really accomplish much. I can beat my lane on a regular basis and still only win 50% of the games I play in (less, cause I’m a statistic anomaly). I feel like winning or losing isn’t something I contribute to, it’s just a luck of the draw. Which makes me sad. In addition, the gameplay is getting a bit stale. Maybe once Dominion hits I’ll be able to muster more excitement about the game.

Funnily enough, I’m struggling to finish Alice: Madness Returns. Somehow the game went downhill after I wrote that post about it. It feels quite a bit repetitive now and I’ve ragequit more than once because of retarded save points. I’ll try to get through it for the sake of seeing if the game continues to impress me with its imagination.

That I’m struggling with finishing Dragon Age 2 is probably no secret. I will though, even if it kills me! I’ve also been dabbling in WoW of several years ago, but there’s not much to write about there. Then I’ve been ogling Dungeon Siege 3 and it’s looking increasingly better each time I peek in that direction. Probably because I’ve played the demo of Dungeon Siege 2 all those years ago and loved it, but never actually had a chance to play the full version.

One of the other things I’m itching to get my hands on is Wrath of Heroes. I’ve singed up for the beta, but seeing how I’m not a WAR subscriber my odds of getting into it aren’t that good (especially seeing how my blog can no longer be considered a WAR blog, not that it ever was considered as such, mind you). To be fair, it’s probably in Mythic’s best interest to not get people who whine and moan about things into the beta. Since that way their devs would need to actually work for their salaries and the game might actually turn out to be decent. Sorry, I’m bitchy today…

This month is probably the last period I have to blog regularly since my schedule is getting shuffled around quite a bit in the coming months. I have no idea how much I’ll be able to blog during that time, so I should probably be spending the time I have on entertaining and quality posts, instead of whining about what I should be doing. Oh well…


6 thoughts on “One of these days…

  1. I hear ya……WoT is the same with that ‘no matter how good I get I only win 50% of the time without a team’ feel.

    Good point about Warhammer, er Wraith. “I know, lets get all the people who still like this shitty game and ask them to test a clone of it to see if it’s any good!” I can predict the beta will be great, in that case……

  2. I wanted to try WAR:WoH also, but haven’t been able to get into beta either. I hear it’s… “fun”. But I can’t say for certain unless I get a chance to play through the nitty gritty. :)

    Enjoy the break, we’ll be waiting to read what you have to post when you get back into the swing of it. :D

    • That’s as vague as it can get. “It’s fun.” I’m more interested in hearing what issues the game has (every game has them). Push those sources of yours, they may be bound by the NDA, but you aren’t! :P

      I’m not going inactive just yet, there will be a post on that for sure.

  3. I hear ya on LoL as well. I’m getting so sick of pugging since it’s basically a crap shoot, and since I normally tank… I can’t really win games by myself.

    I’ve also heard (cautiously) positive things from those in the WOH beta, but haven’t seen any action myself.

    On topic… write if you feel the urge, but don’t force yourself! I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s usually entertaining at the very least, so we’ll miss you if you fall off the face of the earth altogether!

    • Yeah, it’s reaaaaaally hard to win if you want to play anything besides an OP carry (plus you need to be very good with one). And even then you’ll occasionally lose because of your own team straight up having a handicap you can’t overcome.

      I’m lazy by nature so I have to force myself to actually start writing anything (only have to force the start, mind you). But that’s not the problem, the problem is I feel like I don’t have much to write about. Thanks for the praise though.

      It might happen that I’ll fall off the face of the earth next month, we’ll see.

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