Weekend Music Madness

Here we are again, clicking on weird youtube links, hoping to find something ear-pleasing, but never knowing when we’re going to get Rick-Rolled. It’s a tough world. Don’t despair though, I’m not the kind of guy to set you up, these links are all troll-less.

We’re currently in the rock constellation and if the focus of the last WMM was punk, it’s time for something harder. No, not that hard! Just stop wincing and have a listen, will you.

Now if I say Nickelback you’ll probably start running. But just calm down and hear me out. I don’t care much for their newer music, but if you listen to their first few albums they’re actually quite interesting pieces of work. You won’t catch me listening to their new stuff, but damn, The State was good. Leader of Men by Nickelback.

Not much I can say about this next band. I’ve been listening to them since forever and I still do – Pick Me Up by Soil.

It’s weird how I really don’t know what to say here where I usually can’t stop typing gibberish. I guess this is just solid music that didn’t impact me as much as some other pieces, but it’s still enough to make me sentimental. The Gift by Seether.

Bonus: This next band you either love or hate, there really is no middle ground. In that sense, this really is a bonus because the music doesn’t fit in here. But whatever, it makes for great PvP music! Voices by Disturbed.

Stay safe and have a good one, especially the guys enjoying an extended weekend. Don’t forget to let me know how much you hate my music taste and link your own. And if this week’s WMM wasn’t up your alley, check back next friday, you never know when you’re going to love what I link.


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