Weekend Music Madness

Readers must be wondering by now, does it man never run out of music? On the contrary, each time I start writing one of these I spend an hour just deciding which music to include. There’s so much good music that I want to link to! But here I am, trudging through it at a snail pace. It’s torture I tell you!

Oh well, here we go. This week’s WMM should feature punk rock and punk, or some such. I have no idea honestly.

If you’re expecting me to link some legendary punk bands like Sex Pistols, NOFX or Ramones, you’re out of luck. I never got into the older punk music, but rather took my own road through the genre.

Starting with a band that had quite a influence on my youth. I still occasionally listen to them, but not as much as I used to – Don’t Take me for Granted by Social Distortion.

And here’s some Offspring! I’m sure you’ve been waiting for that. I never disappoint. All I Want by The Offspring.

I don’t really listen to this band anymore (cause there’s too much music!), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t awesome. Violins by Lagwagon.

Bonus: This WMM wouldn’t be complete without this next song. It just wouldn’t. Not that I love the band, I only liked their first album, but still. Pieces by Hoobastank.

Have a wonderfully cool weekend. I’ll be busy dancing for snow for the duration, so don’t count on me. Oh, and watching MLG Raleigh. Which you should probably do aswell.


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