Melancholy of Heroes

Yes, quite. Unless your place of residence is under a rock, you’ll be aware by now that Mythic has announced their new Warhammer project called Wrath of Heroes. Apparently Mythic took a look at all the DotA spawns and the success they’ve had, then took a look at their MMO, or more specifically, their scenario system and went: “Maybe we should, y’know, buff Magi?”

Screenshot of Wrath of Heroes.

Is that an Undead in the background? Ooh!

Seriously though, a few things are as clear as my new 24″ monitor:

  1. Mythic haven’t done much with their Warhammer license.
  2. WAR wasn’t the roaring success it should have been (at least if you consider the fact that Mythic created DAoC and that the Warhammer IP is huge).
  3. DotA games are a roaring success (League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2, Bloodline Champions, etc…).

Mythic and EA, the latter itching to have a bit of the DotA pie for a while now, are acutely aware of those facts. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemon pie. And then send it to me.

So they took their Warhammer IP, their already developed game engine (with its combat, class and scenario designs), stuffed it with updated cell shaded graphics, marinated it in ye olde design (three sides as in DAoC), seasoned it with the F2P concept and voila! Out comes Wrath of Heroes.

That’s what I imagine, anyway. There’s not much solid information out there, so this is all based on the small amount there is available and the trailer for the game. Regardless, I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be. WAR has always been marketed as instant action without commitment. But we all knew it was a load of crap simply because they were talking about an MMO. Which really doesn’t work if you aren’t committed to developing your character. But still, Mythic did a decent job, with scenarios being always available action that you could just pop into.

Now imagine taking WAR’s scenarios and freeing them from the confines of the MMORPG genre. Low commitment, instant fast-paced action, much more skill based than the gear fest that is an MMO and three sides! Yes, three groups of players competing against each other. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There are a ton of things Mythic could screw up (and they no doubt will), the thing I’m most worried about not turning out right is the F2P aspect. It is EA after all. As much as I’ve been comparing WoH (woot, a new acronym) to DotA games, I believe that if developed right it could turn out to be the World of Tanks of the Warhammer IP. Only with me paying more attention to it and hopefully not sucking.

As a side note, after World of Planes there’s been new World of game announced. It’s World of Battleships! I will now be able to suck on water. Maybe I should play a hovercraft. Will they have hovercrafts? I sure hope so. (Note: blogger was actually sober when writing this. When drunk he is perfectly aware of the fact that hoovering and hovering do not bear the same meaning).

As for the producer’s letter and WAR’s future, I can’t say I’m thrilled. Seeing careers being fine tuned for the last two years when a large overhaul is in order does not give me confidence. I’m not excited about the prospect of new gear and therefore grinding. It all depends on how well they can overhaul the Fortresses. But judging from what we’ve seen of Mythic’s work on them in the past and the fact that technology (or rather Mythic’s coding abilities) haven’t advanced much in the two years since launch, I’m guessing instanced content. I’ll just leave it at that.

PS: Yes, I do actually blog! This is not a mirage or the devil testing your faith, this is a blog post on Don’t mention ze WAR. If the weather is fair I’ll be putting up a new banner and if the luck serves me well I will be posting more. I know I always say that, but it’s you who chooses to believe me.

Don’t do it! It’s an elaborate ruse!


8 thoughts on “Melancholy of Heroes

  1. Like most who dedicated a lot of time to WAR, I plan to give this a go. I am uncertain, although I do have ideas, of what it means for WAR.

    I can understand them abandoning factions in favor of one player pool, but it will take getting used to seeing dwarfs and orcs supporting each other. I understand the reason from a developers standpoint, but the Warhammer lover in me is sufficiently sad.

    One neat thing that someone pointed out is that things will certainly be different. It seems one of the bright wizards is likely to be a support class while the shadow warrior is poised to be a long range dps choice. I hope to play as a champion of nurgle, the concept art for it always stayed with me. Maybe that masses will finally get to play lizardmen as well. Just not in WAR.

    • Hm, where’s all that information coming from? I haven’t found it, though admittedly, I haven’t been really looking.

      I thought that the factions will still be there, as in teams will be able to choose either choose one and then pick heroes from that faction. It really sounds like butchering the IP (again) if they don’t do it like that.

      As for what it means for WAR, I’m not sure either. I’m hoping it means that they’ll eventually have enough manpower and funds to introduce a third faction and do an overhaul of the game, although that seems unlikely. Not before other hard hitter MMOs come out at least.

      • There are no factions.. there are teams. So your elf could team up with a goblin, orc fighting along side an dwarf..etc..
        I heard from a..more Warhammer lore knowing guildmate, that there are already champion based Warhammer games (not only computer, but also tabletop) out there, where champions fight matter what faction they belong to. It seems that GW is ok with this. *shrug*

  2. Well.. the latest dev discussion about the new defensive boni on keep attacks sounds nice..for WAR. I don’t think that WAR is any more doomed than it was before after the announcement of WoH.

    On the WoH side..I think that it will be a fun game for some fast, insta-action.. something you could play for an hour or less and have great fun. It has it’s place in the MOBA-World I think..and may complement WAR .. but all this will be known on release of WoH.

    • WoH doesn’t mean WAR is any more doomed than it was before, you are right. But on the same token (which was my point) WoH doesn’t necessarily mean WAR is going to be more successful as a result.

      I wouldn’t be comparing WoH to DotA games, I think it bears more similarities to World of Tanks, in the third person perspective and the controlling department at the very least.

  3. So we finally know what all the cool-kids found out a few months ago. I’m torn between lol-ing, and crying. I posted about the fact WAR needed to go gear-free in PVP until I was blue-in-the face (practically). A Guild-Wars type effort, I insisted…. but no, they stuck to their gear-based bullshit for ages.

    I still hope they fail, and I won’t play this even though its free. I stand by my committment to never play anything by them again. My bitterness will reign forever!

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