The quiet before the storm

The lack of posts on my blog can be attributed to me not playing much except for LoL due to my broken monitor and the fact that there’s nothing going on that would catch my attention and compel me to write about it. Maybe it’s because I’m getting senile, dumb and deaf, but I honestly think these qualities can’t have progressed much further than they already were a few weeks ago.

I have a few games I’ve been wanting to play, which I’ll be getting into (and hopefully blogging about) as soon as I get my monitor sorted.

I also owe an apology to the people in my blogroll, as I haven’t been trolling and reading their posts like I usually do, which I’ll have to remedy soon. Otherwise there isn’t much point in having a blogroll or even blogging in the first place.

As for WMM; shut up.


2 thoughts on “The quiet before the storm

    • Yeah Skyrim is going to be awesome. Currently I’m itching to play The Witcher 2 and Alice: Madness Returns. Still haven’t gotten around to it. :(

      Then I also need to have a go at Global Agenda as it’s F2P.

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