No Weekend Music Madness today because, well frankly, you don’t deserve it. Have you done anything nice this week? Anything truly selfless and altruistic? You haven’t, have you? So no music for you. There there, it’s all right, calm down and stop crying. I’m sure you’ll do better next week. Here, have some free flash games instead.

Dinosaur Zookeeper is a dinosaur zoo sim, simple as. Place reptilians, build fences, upgrade your guns. The farthest I got was week 3, before a Stegosaur enraged out of the blue, charged through 3 sets of fences straight into a Triceratops. There’s no love between those two.

Impasse is a minimalist puzzle game that looks like the physics homework of a seven-grader. But it’s way more fun and probably much harder. You’ll have to figure out the rules on your own though, because that’s a part of the game.

zOMT is one of those sidescrolling tower defence games where you’re defending with soldiers and magic instead of towers. Sending wave after wave of Viking dudes, bear dudes and giant fiery dudes against the enemy while raining down fire and brimstone on them is kinda fun.

Drop is a puzzle game that will frustrate you and calm you down at the same time. The goal is to guide drops of water into leaking pipes by way of strategically placing surfaces from which the drops bounce off. The kick is that the drops create a sound each time they bounce and each of them a different one, which means that solving a puzzle often leads to you staring at the screen in amazement at the music you created. (Requires Unity web player to be installed, which is a requirement for many new flash games. Well wroth it.)

Can’t forget Rebuild though, I’ve raved about it before here. It’s still quite awesome and can eat up an hour of your day without you even blinking.

PS: It’s no secret that I discovered all of these games through Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Best PC gaming news site out there.

Have a nice weekend and remember to always unplug your modem when there’s a storm about, even if you have a surge protector. Those things are delicate.


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