Not done yet

I’m not done with the blog, dead or too busy to post. However, I was internet-less for the last few days as a result of a lightning strike. Blogging will continue (to the chagrin of everyone) as soon as I get everything working.

Soon, my darlings, soon…


3 thoughts on “Not done yet

    • Well there’s no music post but I posted something else instead. :P

      Gank please, don’t come offending rednecks on my blog, I’m offending enough people as it is. :D

      (Haven’t seen that movie yet, my excuse is that I’m too young to have seen it :P)

      • No worries mate, rednecks can’t read this anyway so you’re safe!

        And that movie is quite disturbing but scarily accurate- I lived in ‘those parts’ for awhile.

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