Weekend Music Madness

A belated WMM, but a WMM none-the-less. Last post featured trance (probably) and we’re still in the electronic music land, which means next up is another genre I listen quite a lot to – Drum and Bass (or DnB as it’s known to the slowfingered).

Whether the music linked is actually DnB doesn’t matter, what matters is that I like it. Strap in and buckle up, music incoming!

Starting off is probably the most famous DnB band with a piece that introduced me to the genre – Propane Nightmare by Pendulum.

Next is an amazing tune by an up and coming Slovakian producer – Beautiful Lies by B-Complex.

And to finish it all is another amazing electronic music producer with a nice piece of music – Splash by Sub Focus.

Bonus? I’ve never even heard of such a thing. Have a nice weekend and remember to not drink and swim if you’re going to the pool. It’s an easy way to drown yourself.


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