Splitting Europe

If you are an EU LoL player you’ll have many tales to share of trying to play the game in the past few weeks. The tales of three-hour queues, disconnects, sessions closed, busy servers, maintenances and being unable to exit a game. When I say tales I mean rants, whines, cursing and furious threatening with lawsuits, of course. I said Riot know what’s going on and are working on it and you didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe myself at one point. But lo and behold; an explanation and a solution:

Explanation of where the problems originate from and the presentation of a solution, respectively. In case you are too lazy to click the links and read them, let me paraphrase for you (because I enjoy helping handicapped people).

LoL servers are handling massive amounts of traffic, that rivaling the traffic MMOs see (I’m thinking mid-weight MMOs like Rift). Because they couldn’t handle that amount of players even with having spillover servers in New York, players were being put in queue. The sheer amount of players queueing meant that not even the queueing system could handle it, so Riot were throttling the amount of people they even let into the queue. Seeing the busy sign at the launcher was a sort of undetermined queue before the two-hour queue. Wonderful isn’t it?

Apparently throwing more servers at the problem isn’t feasible because of software and hardware limitations. So Riot are switching to a system similar to sharding most MMOs use. To this end, they are splitting European servers into two regions. EU West and EU Nordic + East. For more details consult the below graphic.

Before you get your knickers in a twist, consult this here Shove Off (or FAQ as those fancy Americans call it). Here, I’ll give you the short version:

The good:

  • No or very short queues, improved server stability and no more New York servers where you had double the normal latency.
  • Accounts will be split automatically based on the IP address the player uses. You will be able to transfer freely after it once, but you will need to pay for any consecutive transfers.
  • The maintenance to implement all of this will only take 12 hours.
  • All accounts will remain unaffected and appear after the split as they were before.
  • You will be able to have different accounts on both regions, they won’t be region locked.
  • Two weeks of IP boost will be awarded to all players after the split.

The bad:

  • There will be zero interaction between the regions. Each region will have its own ranked games, ladders, tribunal, forums and chat.

This split into two regions has one downside, the splitting of the communities. In my opinion it is a sacrifice worth making for the stability and growth of the game. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play with your friends or play in different regions at the same time, since LoL accounts are free, it just hinders players a bit and is mainly an inconvenience. Frankly, I don’t believe this will cripple the EU community as the general impression seems to be, exactly because you can always make several accounts and play on the other side of the Iron Curtain.

As for the region splitting itself, I’d much prefer a split along the lines of British Isles, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia forming one platform and the rest of Europe the other. I’d most certainly play in the former region, but as it is, I’m torn. I understand English, German, Polish and a few languages of the Balkans, but I can’t read Cyrillic, don’t understand Spanish, French or Greek. Which means I’m bound to run into people I don’t get along well with, be it Spaniards spamming “HUEHUE”, Greeks spamming “XOXOXO”, East Slavs cursing me in Cyrillic, French screaming “putain de merde” at me or Germans insulting me with “Huhrensohn”.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I hate any particular nation, it is just that on the whole some have more annoying habits than others. And as much as I’d like to dismiss stereotypes as something completely fictional I’m not that much of a romantic. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

That said though, even though I chuckled at a thread made right after a server outage that had the title “Solution to server problems” and simply “Ban the French.” in the first post, and even though I routinely make fun of them, it doesn’t mean I actually hate or have anything against the French people. I just hate the ones that spam, insult and act like dicks. Which can be said for any nationality really. Though based on my experience, I’d much rather be a part of the previously mentioned community than any of the proposed ones.

If I have to choose though, I’ll probably transfer my main account to the West platform and have my other (the one that has King Rammus and UFO Corki for some strange reason) on the East+Nordic platform.

Oh, I almost forgot something worth mentioning. Supported languages will be English, Spanish, French, and German for EU West and English, Polish for EU Nordic + North.

As to when this split will occur, in a few weeks time. Which means people have some time to fight it out and settle which country is better and decide which is the lesser evil in their eyes. Why can’t we all just stop being dicks and get along?

PS: I also chuckled at the thread titled “Give East the Frenchies, we’ll take the vikings” and the poll being 70% in favour of getting rid of the French (with 800 votes). EU LoL forums rarely fail to deliver. I’m sorry France, but you’ll need to learn English to show us how amazing you are.


5 thoughts on “Splitting Europe

  1. I believe the spaniards spam “jejeje” which sounds more like a self-absorbed frenchie. And the Portuguese, well, they speak English.
    Good luck with that.

  2. Dang only just seen this, will be a pity to lose the Nords always fun to play with! :-(

    But tbh if this means I can get home and play rather be locked out (Like I’ve currently been for the last hour and a half…not even got to the queue yet) I’ll happily put up with the Frenchies!

    • Yeah, I’d rather have the split than not being able to play. And I love playing with Scandinavians, English, guys from Benelux or Polish. Well for the most part.

      Edit: Oh and don’t worry about not getting into the game, the matches aren’t starting and normal is unavailable again. :S

  3. Heh, sounds like a good solution.
    In my experience, spanish speakers tend to be dicks in game, (not all, but a good chunk), but it could also be my frustration at them babbling on in spanish and then pinging 700 million times when I don’t understand them. To be fair, I’ve seen plenty of english speakers that do that too… the whole game reported one guy because he was ridiculously abusive to everyone in general. Meh, what are you gonna do, some people just can’t realize it’s a F*cking game!

    • Now that’s just mean, I mean I did call them dicks but I was nice about it. :D

      In my experience the French and Greeks are the least likely to be able to speak english. But then again, most of that is generalisation.

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