Weekend Music Madness

You may have noticed that there was no WMM last Friday. That was because I was busy changing the theme of the blog, but also because I couldn’t think of any good video game music. Well now the blog is fixed (mostly, still working on a proper header) and I have thought of a few music gems to share with you. On with the show!

First up, the main theme for one of my favourite RPGs, Neverwinter Nights. I was thinking of linking one of the boss battle songs, but I couldn’t decide on one and none of them stood out as much as this one – Neverwinter Nights Main Theme by Jeremy Soule.

Now for something from my favourite MMO – WAR. I reckon a lot of players play with the game music off and play their own music instead (I did too), but I find it nice to turn it back on from time to time, just for immersion’s sake. This one is awesome, incredibly dwarfy music – The Call of the Stone. (You can download some of the WAR music here.)

Despite only having played Fallout 3 for about 5 hours or so (up to the point where my dog died right after we became friends), this song encompasses all of the postapocalyptic inevitability, despair and dread despite being so cheerful, how weird. I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots.

Bonus: A song that didn’t actually play during a game, but at the end credits of Max Payne. Wonderfully melancholic Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall.

Bonus 2: While playing LOTRO I heard an awesome piece of music at the Bard in Thorin’s Hall. After searching for the title all over the web I finally found it, but I can’t hunt down the whole version (it looks like it was never published). So a sample will have to do. If you want to hear the whole thing download the game and go stand near that NPC. Medievil Dance of the Dwarfs by Chance Thomas.

Must… resist… linking… more…

Have a wonderful weekend and if you find yourself bored in the evenings surf over to the DreamHack streams, there’ll be some awesome Esports going on this weekend at DreamHack Summer 2011 in Sweden.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Music Madness

  1. You have solid taste. Three of those are on my Zune. Anything by Jeremy Soule is fantastic. I especially enjoy the Oblivion soundtrack. I very much so hope to hear him again for the next Elder Scrolls game.

    • Thank you. I didn’t know he did the Oblivion soundtrack, but that’s probably because I never managed to get into that game. I’m eagerly waiting for Skyrim though and it seems like the game will be quite epic, even more so if Soule composes the music for the game.

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