Just LoLing around

I have to apologise for the sporadic posting the last few days, but I’ve been quite busy. Every time I set aside some time for the blog I end up fiddling with the new theme and not posting anything. Speaking of which, I STILL NEED OPINIONS! The poll is in the main menu, please vote (and additional comments are welcome). And don’t say you don’t care because you do. Help me decide.

With that whine out of the way, let me fill you in on what I’ve been playing these days…

My time is mostly spent on League of Legends. After the initial excitement over LOTRO wore off, I didn’t have much desire to return to it. When I got to level 18 on my Champion I discovered several unpleasant facts about the game. The fact that I have to spend turbine points (which I’m saving because I want to unlock the Warden class) in order to get the advanced riding skill for the faster mounts you can buy at level 20. There’s not way around it. And the fact that I am really far behind the curve. Just when I thought I had some idea of how the game works I realise that I know nothing of the dungeons, skirmishes, quests, other zones (and how to best level) and similar. You might say that’s quite normal for a newbie and that it only indicates the depth of the game, which might all be true. But the problem is I really can’t be arsed to start learning a new MMO all over again. It feels like I would have to spend my time getting to know the game only to experience the same gameplay as in other MMOs. Funny how I’m whining about LOTRO having too much depth, but that’s how it is. Did I mention how unnerving the feeling of a noose tightening around my wallet is? I get a feeling that the free content will only get more watered down and grindy the more I level. Unfortunately I had no intention of spending any money on the game. And to top it all off, I died two levels from my “Undying” title (for not dying obviously). That really depressed me.

I have also tried World of Tanks last week and you can read about my disappointment here.

As for Dragon Age 2, well I’m so far behind with my posts that I stopped playing it until I catch up (which I will, more posts incoming). And somehow I don’t miss the game at all. Oh BioWare…

I recently discovered that I’m eligible for WAR’s 14-day trial, which I will probably be activating as soon as Sigmar Tide starts (it hasn’t started yet, right?). I might even end up resubbing if it grips me as I think it will. We’ll see.

For the moment though, I’m more than content with LoL. I got to summoner level 30 just yesterday and I have to say that It’s been an overall fun experience. As long as Riot keeps developing the game I’ll probably keep playing it. The next part of the post will be about League of Legends, so you’re free to leave. No, not really, I was just kidding.

The State of LoL

At E3 Riot announced a nifty new feature for the game, the long-awaited spectator mode. This will undoubtedly boost the games recognition and spectator numbers, and considering the Dreamhack playoffs stream was consistently getting over 20 thousand viewers (up to 40 thousand), there can only be good times ahead for the game.

Concept art for an upcoming LoL champion.

Leona - The Radiant Dawn is a complete Knight of the Blazing Sun ripoff from Warhammer. Her ultimate is Solar Flare for crying out loud!

In addition to that, they also announced three new champions that are coming after Season two starts. The bad news is that the new map, Magma Chamber, has been “shelved”.

In other news, the EU community gets enraged each time the servers overload and explode, which seems to be happening fairly frequently these days. Although I am frequently disappointed at not being able to play or having to wait in a 20 minute queue, I know that overall this is a good thing. It means that Riot are either underestimating the growth of the player numbers or can’t be adding new servers fast enough (and you can be sure they are adding new servers as more players means more money). Both of which indicate player number growth, which has already increased greatly in the few months following its release (I heard about a 200% increase).

So stop whining and take it like a man!

The Tribunal

Upon dinging summoner level 30 I went ahead and tried to log into The Tribunal. For anyone not in the know, it’s one of the most ingenious ways of involving the community in the process of punishing bad behaviour, cutting down on said behaviour AND cutting down the GM/CSR costs. In short, it’s a system that allows experienced players to vote on whether to punish or pardon and individual that overstepped the bounds, all based on data from the game. If the vast majority of the voters find the player guilty the case is reviewed by a Riot employee who issues a penalty to the subject in question. This volunteer work is incentivised with Influence Point rewards for anyone that votes the same way as the vast majority of the voters.

When I tried it myself I felt like I actually helped punish players who didn’t abide by the EULA or Summoners Code and with that directly contributed to making the game better. It’s a good feeling, not to mention that I will get rewarded for my effort. In addition, it helped me put a reign on my raging. I do rage quite a bit and I can be abusive when I get abused or harassed. Seeing how easily you can get reported by a few people and then punished by a few summoners perusing the chat log. Adjusting my behaviour is something I should have done regardless of being on the Tribunal or not, but actually being involved opened my eyes. Everyone should be having fun and the people trying to spoil that should be dealt with appropriately. Which is; report and let the system deal with them.

For anyone wanting to have a go himself, here’s a link.

Other Stuff

While trying to log into the tribunal I couldn’t remember my username, so I tried a few that I usually use. After getting one right the system kept giving me the message that I’m not level 30 yet and therefore can’t take part in The Tribunal. It took me a while to figure out that I was actually using the wrong username and accessing the wrong account. Apparently I already had an account with the summoner name Blaq (which explains why it was taken when I tried to make an account recently). Logging in with that account I discovered that Rammus with his King Rammus skin was unlocked on it, which is a skin that was given to beta testers. I probably made an account trying to beta test LoL, but later forgot about it. Silly me. My recent games score.

In any case, when I logged into that account for the first time I had a lot of friend requests. I guess those were readers that didn’t see when I wrote that my summoner name is actually Blaqq and not Blaq (due to me being stupid and forgetting I already had an account). Now I probably came accross as an asshat, not accepting those friend requests, but I didn’t know. I apologise for anyone that tried to add me, I should have stated it explicitly. So here it is again, summoner name is Blaqq. Add me if you’re playing the game.

When I logged into that account I had the crazy idea of playing a game on it to test the Rammus skin. I went for Garen instead (I like him, he’s kinda awesome, plus he wears a scarf), which turned out to be a bad idea, since I’m quite familiar with that champ (I only played Rammus once). The game was very one-sided, with a Nocturne who was a first time LoL player but an experienced HoN player and another experienced Caitlyn on our side, while they mostly had players completely new to the game.

We battered them and afterwards I felt really bad. I was taking advantage of my experience with the game to roflstomp newbies. Something I detested while I was leveling up myself. It’s something that is against my nature and now I’m convinced that I won’t be playing on that account anymore, screw the Rammus skin and all. I was thinking of giving the account away, but it has my original nick on it, so that sounds like a bit of a bad idea (unless the person aims to spend a few € changing the summoner name).

With that I’ll wrap up this update post. Look for me being more active in the coming days and hit me up if you’re playing LoL on EU. Rock on!


18 thoughts on “Just LoLing around

  1. “and I can be abusive when I get abused or harassed.”

    Hmmmm…maybe I should have read this before I replied to your World of Tanks post a few minutes ago…… also, good to know as now I feel like starting a LoL account to see how abusive you can get :)

    • Lol, don’t be mean. :D

      All I meant was that when someone is calling me a retard I’ll usually respond in kind. But I seldom choose a correct response, which in this case is ignore, either in game or mentally, and report them. Let them deal with it. :)

      And yeah, I get discouraged and annoyed really quickly if the group of people I’m playing with are losing us the game. Which is about when I get snarky, start calling people idiots and end up either in an argument over whether I suck or not or sulking in a corner swearing to myself that I’ll never play this game again. Works in pretty much any PvP game. :P

      Yeah, I need to work on that. And I am!

  2. I’m terrible at getting trolled- I tend to react even though a small part of my brain is screaming ‘dont do it’. I can usually avoid the obvious trolls but I get so annoyhed with random stupidity I can’t help but say something……. unfortunately I’m not working on that, I’m just learning to live with it ;)

  3. Anndd.. now I wish I was on the EU LoL server so I could troll both of you ;P.

    Not really. I pretty much hate trolls in general.
    Blaq- I’ve found that the best solution for that is to literally say to myself “who cares, it’s just a single game of LoL” – and then just do the best I can so I can’t be accused of being the reason, ya know? Seems to keep my blood pressure a lot lower.

    • So much trolling…

      Yeah I usually don’t have a problem with losing a game or two to stupid crap, but when it happens 3 or 4 times in a row I might just explode (even if I manage to subdue myself it comes out in the form of whining).

      Because of the random nature of who your team mates are going to be I find that I’m always either on a winning or a losing streak. Winning a few games in a row is nice, but I’d rather have an even distribution!

  4. As by popular request I hereby leave my opinion.

    Dark blue letters on a black background make my head hurt and are invisible in a high luminosity planet such as our own.

    • Duly noted! :D

      Thank you, you are now eligible for a virtual cookie. If you happen to be allergic to cookies you can request a swap for a virtual hug. You can claim your prize at the cashier.

      • Listen, I’m just saying this because I care. All of your so-called friends smile politely while you go on making their heads hurt. A real friend helps you improve as a person.

        So yeah, I’ll take that cookie. But we can share it. I’m that nice.

      • Uh oh, that wasn’t sarcasm, I was genuinely glad for your feedback! As you can see I already changed it, it looks a bit better this way. Though I’m horrible at picking colours. :)

        And no, keep your cookie, I’ve got a full jar of them here!

      • OWWW! Seen through my work’s idiotic filter, I now see Bright F*cking YELLOW (yes, that’s an actual name) on a WHITE background. Not your fault, I suppose, but it hurt when I stopped in after you changed it!

      • ><

        This is frustrating. I'll probably change the link/header color again anyway. Need to finish the header image first tho. :P

    • Yes, but do you have a coupon? If not, you are only eligible for our standard edition, which is a handshake. But if you decide to upgrade your account and subscribe we can offer a deluxe edition…

  5. Sara beat me to the blue on black, which gave me a headache when reading on my mobile the other day. I like the yellow on black/grey but did you try toning down the yellow on the links to the same as the page title? It’s perfectly readable, but it’s so bright that it battles for domination of the design – even over the header.

    I was a fan of your menu being halfway down the page on the side. It was quirky, but worked.

    Overall, I like it. Gj :)

    • Thanks for the feedback. The title and the links aren’t the same yellow, but I can’t even see the difference, it’s weird that you can. Yeah sure, I can tone down the yellow.

      You’re saying you liked the design of the previous theme where you always had the menu on the left? I liked that too, because it was easy to get back to the main page, but I don’t have that option in this theme, so. Well, at least I think not. I’ll have a look. :P

      Thanks again for the feedback. :)

      • It’s funny. On my PC at home (i.e. now) the yellow links aren’t as bright. But on my iMac at work it’s really bright. Unless you’ve toned them down since this morning? ;)

      • No way, I would never do that, I really don’t listen to reader feedback. I actually like giving people headaches.

        Must be the Mac that’s shitty. *whistles inconspicously*

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