Weekend Music Madness

A new Friday and a new WMM installment! Hooray! You’ll notice that I’m sort of randomly picking the themes for these posts because I don’t really have a plan here, it’s all done impromptu. With that said, the theme of this WMM will be video game music. You’ll find what I think are some of the best examples inside.

First off, an excellent melancholy song that is better known as the “Gears of War 3 trailer music”, which I find is a shame. Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon.

I had a really hard time deciding on the song to fill this spot. It was a toss-up between Portal’s I’m still Alive and Mirror Edge’s I’m still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky. The latter won. A great song for an excellent game.

This next one is hilarious. It’s a spoof of Surfin’ Bird done for a trailer of Magicka’s expansion. Simply awesome.

I’m a cow, I’m a cow, I’m a magic cow!

What bonus? Oh a bonus song. Right, here’s something you’ve probably all seen before, but let me draw your attention towards the nice music and how it counterbalances the ghastly scenes. Dead Island’s awesome announcement trailer:

Ok, so this game music WMM turned out to be a game trailer music WMM. I promise do a proper one next time, how’s that? Have an excellent weekend and remember to watch the MLG Columbus stream instead of TV (if you’re not going, that is)!


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