Weekend Music Madness

Another instalment of WMM, and this time I actually got the day right. Wonderful! I’m beginning to think this blog will turn into a music one unless I start posting more, since the majority of the posts will end up being WMMs. In any case, on with the show!

Today is time for funky music. And by that I don’t mean actual funk, or jazz per se. I actually can’t define my idea of funky. But hey, you’ll soon find out.

First, a trip to the seventies for a visit to a highly unconventional band. And what do you know, they’re Dutch! How peculiar. House of the King by Focus.

Next up, one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard so far – Tank! by Yoko Kanno (and yes, it’s from an anime, a good one at that).

Now for the always incredible Parov Stelar – Catgroove.

Bonus: A track I found today, but it’s quite good – Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders (instrumental version).

And there’s so many more! But I wouldn’t want to smother anyone with music. And as always, contribute yours! Don’t worry if the song doesn’t fit the theme of the post by the way, there’s no need for such shenanigans.

Oh and don’t forget to have a good weekend.


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