Weekend Music Madness

This installment of WMM will feature epic and/or cinematic music. You know the type, the kind of music that makes you feel like you could take on a dragon with your spoon while eating your breakfast cereals. Or the kind that could make you break down into tears at any moment, something like that Titanic tune. Lights please!

Edit: Although apparently, today is thursday, which means my WMM is a day early. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best. I’ve been gone for a week, I’ve been drunk since I’ve left.

Who better to start with than X Ray Dog? Their music is mainly produced for movies and this is one of my favourites – Here Comes the King. Short but epic.

There is a ton of good cinematic music out there, but in my opinion this one stands out – Now We Are Free by Lisa Gerard (from the movie Gladiator).

This is an odd and old piece, but I find it among the best game music out there – Hitman 2 Main Theme by Jesper Kyd.

As a bonus, watch this fan-made trailer for a flight simulator, one of the best fan-made trailers I’ve seen. It features a bunch of epic music (Here Comes the King among them):


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